Solo Traveler #29: Random Brand Eyeshadows

The next few Solo Travelers are going to be talking about eyeshadow. I finally have pictures for Solo Traveler segments so you can see what the heck I’m talking about! As I have said before, the lighting in my bedroom is horrible so please don’t let the picture quality take away from the reviews.

For the first eyeshadow reviews, let’s talk about a couple of eyeshadow sets that I only have 1 from the brand.

15776255_10100901717264739_165348723_oFirst up is an NYC HD eyeshadow trio in the shade West Vintage. It was $2.99 ($19.93/oz) at Meijer. I picked it up because the colors are just stunning. They don’t have individual names but you have  a pearly light green, a deep purple, and a dark green in this trio.

The applicator is trash and I either dropped it in the shot glass for these things or lost it. I’m not sure which. The pigmentation is actually great. The color fades by 10 hours though and if you don’t use a good eyeshadow primer, it creases like crazy. Even with Primer Potion, this eyeshadow moves around a bit.

I scored it a 14 but I really think it should have scored a little better. I can’t see where NYC is cruelty-free or not so they get a 0 until I can find out. So that 14 could potentially be a 16. It is a great little eyeshadow trio with impressive color for the price.

15820928_10100901717229809_816110366_o.jpgUp next is Maybelline The Blushed Nudes palette. This is their version of a rose gold palette. I got it as a gift but it retails at $7.49 ($22.03/oz) at Target. It is a beautiful little compact and I certainly don’t use it enough.

I scored this palette at a 15.  The eyeshadows have a ton of fallout and the color fades around 8 hours. If I could get it to last just a bit longer, I would be crazy about this palette, especially that deep dusty pink color on the bottom row near the right. That is actually the eyeshadow I tried to use the ELF line sealer with and it ate a ton of the eyeshadow up. -.-

I haven’t tried any of the other Maybelline Nude palettes. They all look pretty ho-hum and are copies of other palettes. I am really glad I got this one as a gift though. I had eyeing it but refused to purchase it due to how many other rose gold palettes were out there I had my eye on.

I got the LA Colors mini-palette from the Dollar Tree for $1.00 ($7.14/oz) in the shade lucky. I’m always looking for good green shades and this seemed ideal. It scored an 11 though and went into the box of shame a long time ago. I remember I dug it out for one of the kids during the fair back in September but it was never returned to me so I don’t have a picture of it.

It was 6 tiny squares of eyeshadow. Not much product but you can’t really have high expectations for $1. The product didn’t smell and it applied decently. That is the best I can say about it. It was super powdery, needed to be built up, and lasted 8 hours if I was lucky.

I will not be buying any more makeup from Dollar Tree. Too many failures. I’ll get makeup tools if I find them, but no more makeup!

Alright, that is all I have for eyeshadow brands that I only have 1 from each. Up next is a review on various ELF eyeshadows and Wet N Wild eyeshadows.


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