Solo Traveler #28: Drugstore Mascara

I am finally down to the last 3 products that I will be reviewing in combined posts. Let’s talk about some drugstore mascaras. All of my high-end mascaras will be reviewed individually soon.15824344_10100902379228159_1684654374_o.jpg

I got an Ulta Plush Drama Volume Mascara as a free gift with purchase. It retails at $10.00 ($33.33/oz). Until I got into high-end mascaras, this was the best mascara I have ever tried. I scored it at 22.

This product does exactly what a mascara should. It thickens my eyelashes. I don’t need length, just thickness. I already have decent length in my lashes but they are slightly thinner than I’d like so a mascara that gives some thickness is spot on.

This product has a slight chemical smell. However, it does not bother my eyes so I guess it is fine. The brush tip is a bit longer than I would like. I have an issue with stabbing myself in the eye with it or touching my face and smearing mascara there. Very annoying.

It is not waterproof but I haven’t had an issue with this smudging too much on oily days. If I wasn’t obsessed with some of my high-end mascaras now, I would repurchase it. It is great for the price. I have a 2nd sealed one as a backup eventually.

I got Physicians Formula 100% Organic Wear Mascara as a Christmas gift. It retails for $8.74 ($33.62/oz). I scored it at 21 but I don’t really like it. 😦

This product darkens my lashes and definitely gives more length. It doesn’t smell at all. But no matter how many coats I put on, it doesn’t thicken my lashes. That is a failure for me. What is the point?

I prefer to have actual bristle brush tips. It is just what I’m used to. This has a plastic brush tip that is tapered on both ends. It is… odd I guess is a good word. I don’t hate the applicator but maybe that is why I’m not getting any thickness from the mascara.

I haven’t put it in the box of shame yet. I tried it with a lash primer I got for Christmas and that helps add some thickness. Maybe there is hope for this one after all.

I got E.L.F. Exact Lash Mascara as a free gift with purchase. It retails at $1.00 ($4.17/oz). I didn’t have much expectations for it. In fact, I left it unopened for a very long time. I finally tried it out and eventually scored it at 20.

It isn’t a bad little mascara. The tiny brush tip is great for the lower lash line. My biggest issue with it is that it takes forever to dry. I always end up having to do some clean up 5 minutes after application under my lower lash line.

This mascara went missing from my makeup stash several weeks ago. 😡 I blamed Kid 1 because she specifically asked if she could have it when it arrived (I tend to share out my free with purchase items with Mom and the kids). I told her no because I only had 1 mascara at that point and wanted to try others. My Ulta mascara came a few days later though and this one was forgotten in the box. Mom found it in her makeup vanity a few days ago and brought it to me. She figured it was mine because she would never buy a mascara like that. The container shape is just wrong to her. So Kid 1 or Kid 2 did have it. They use Mom’s makeup vanity in the mornings before school. But no one knows how it got there.

I will not share makeup with those kids. Disgusting. I frequently and gladly share out free stuff that arrives considering it isn’t stuff that I ordered for a comparison purpose. I do this nearly every time and give away at least 1/2 of the free stuff that arrives. Nail polishes. Lipsticks that I know I can’t wear. Any kind of oil or serum. Perfumes that make my eyes water. Etc. But if I decide not to share something, that is my choice as I paid for the order.

I told Mom to either throw it away or just leave it in her vanity because I won’t touch it now. She thinks I’m ridiculous. Nope. Never going to happen. This product would have remained in my collection had it not been pilfered but now it is gone. Due to the long dry time, I won’t repurchase it. That tiny brush is nice though.

In the same purchase that I got the Exact Lash mascara, I got the E.L.F. Volumizing and Defining Mascara. It retails for $2.00 ($5.41/oz). This one scored a 17.

This mascara has a slight smell and stings my eyes a bit. The smell fades but when I first put it on, my eyes water for a few seconds. It also has a weird plastic applicator that I don’t like at all.

The worst part of this mascara is that it clumps during a 2nd coat. That is a no go for me. I want normal looking eyelashes, not clumpy spider lashes. I know that is a trend right now but it just isn’t for me

I would never purchase this mascara again. I threw it in the box of shame after the 3rd try. 😦

I have had L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara for years. It retails at $7.47 ($26.68/oz). I scored it at a 17.

This thing is way past its expiration date but I still have it.I don’t know why I can’t just throw it out. It is in the shade black/brown. All the rest of my mascaras are black. I guess I feel like, when I wear neutral eyeshadows and a black/brown eyeliner, I should color match with this one.

The curved brush is awesome. I don’t typically curl my eyelashes and this makes a fantastic curl.

Since I have a ton of other mascaras now, I will probably never buy this one again. But I think I’ll end up keeping the tube. Once it runs out, I can wash the wand and use it for another product maybe. I don’t know. I really should just throw it away and stop taking so many chances with germs.

What is your favorite kind of mascara wand? I like regular brush bristles that is tapered at the point. Curved ones are cool too so long as it is a regular bristle brush.

We are down to eyeshadows and lipsticks now Puffins. Those are going to take a while. I’ll have to break them up into smaller chunks so they aren’t real novels.


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