Solo Traveler #27: Lip Primers

Lip primer does not really seem to affect initial lipstick application and look to me. I get the same if I use (and blot) a lip balm. However, a good lip primer makes a very big difference in a lip look by mid-day. With a good one, I can get many lipsticks to mostly survive a few cups of hot coffee and water until lunch time. I haven’t found anything that lets lipstick survive lunch though. Just saying.

The E.L.F. Lip Plump and Primer was $3 ($27.27/oz) at WalMart and it was the first lip primer I’d ever used. I love that it comes with a plumper.

In the beginning, this was a great product. The plumper made my lips tingly for a few minutes and more full for several hours afterwards. The clear primer worked to keep my lipstick in place.

And then it didn’t work anymore. I don’t know what happened. It just stopped working for me. The plumper isn’t tingly for more than a few seconds and I don’t see any kind of fullness afterwards. The primer doesn’t hold the same lipsticks in place that it did a few weeks prior. I was very sad. It scored a 15 because it just doesn’t work for me anymore. 😦

Kid 1 bought one when I did and she uses both sides every single day. She has went through 2 of these already and just got a 3rd. It still works for her. I guess our biologies are different. I know she is going to snatch this out of the box of shame the moment I give them access.

When I bought my first ColourPop liquid lipsticks, I picked up their Lippie Primer too for $5.00 ($142.05/oz). It scored a 21. If had a point system this would have easily scored in the 22-23 range.

This is a clear primer and by God it works. Once I put it on, my lipstick doesn’t move for hours. Actually, once I put it on, it is kind of difficult to rub my lips together. It isn’t sticky. I can’t really describe the feeling.

This is my holy grail lip primer. Being my 2nd primer at all, I felt sure there were other even better ones out there. I’ve yet to find one better though. I just picked up another one of these to put away for when my first one runs out!

I picked up the Ulta Lip Primer for free during a b2g2 sale on It retails for $8.00 ($133.33/0z). I figured it would work just as well as the Colourpop primer at least. I wanted one to put in my kit at work.

I’m very glad I got this product for free. If I had paid for it, I would have been mad. As it is, I am very disappointed in this product. It doesn’t do anything but let my otherwise good lipsticks move around on my lips.

Even my beloved ELF matte lip colors fade with this stupid primer. I scored it at 18 and that is generous. If I hadn’t gotten it for free, I would return it to Ulta. It is in the box of shame and I am down to 1 working lip primer at this point.

Do you use a lip primer that actually works?


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