Solo Traveler #26: Drugstore Lip Liners

I am a fan of lip liner. Let’s talk about some drugstore lip liners. I have a few different options each morning.

ColourPop Lippie Stix Liners are 5.00 ($142.05/oz) on I have them in dopey and frick n frack. I scored these at 21.

These lip liners are fantastic. Once they have dried for about 30 seconds, these things don’t move. Especially if paired with a good lip primer. They make my liquid lipstick application look very crisp.

One thing to note about these is that they can be sharpened. When you get them, the pencil looks plastic. It isn’t. It sharpens off like any other pencil. Seriously, try it. There are YouTube videos devoted to the discovery that these can be sharpened. 😀

I ❤ these particular lip liners because ColourPop has taken the guess work out of pairing lip liners to lipsticks. Every lipstick on their site has a linked lip liner. Some of them have more than 1 lip liner linked and they say what skin tone works best with which particular liner. They have also reverse linked it so that if you are looking at lip liners, you can see what lipsticks match it. So you could potentially find 2 different lipsticks for 1 lip liner. It is super helpful. I will be getting a lot more of these in 2017.

NYX Lip Liner is $3.49 ($99.71/oz) at Meijer. I have this liner in pale pink. I scored it at a 20.

These are your basic lip liners and they work well. Make sure they are sharp. Otherwise the color bleeds on the lips. It sticks around as long as your typical cream lipstick, a few hours. I picked up a 2nd one to keep at work because of that.

And then we get to my singular issue with this product. I have 2 pale pink lip liners. I have a ton of lipsticks and this shade is close enough to my actual lip color that it works for all of them in a pinch. I picked up the 2nd one when I realized that. But it isn’t the same freaking color. 😡

Upon inspection, I saw that while they are supposed to be the same SPL854 pale pink, they are in different printed packaging so they obviously came from different manufacturing batches. That irritates me. More so, I don’t know which one is the one I bought first now. I can’t remember if the color was just slightly off before I got the 2nd one or after. The color difference is minor. One is slightly more of a dusty pink than the other. But it annoys me because I know they are different.

NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner is $3.99 ($133.00/oz) on It scored a 17. I picked it up in prune to match a lot of the berry lipstick shades I’ve been so enamored with lately. I also got it in stockholm but lost it in my makeup kit. I only recently found that one again. For the purposes of this review, I’m talking about my experience with prune.

This pencil is supposed to be matte. It is not. It doesn’t dry. The color doesn’t run around on my face but there is nothing matte about it. It looks exactly like the regular NYX lip liner formula.

I got a defective pencil. The lip liner is broken inside. I’ve used this about 4 times and I’ve sharpened half the pencil because it keeps breaking off. I’m not being too hard with it in the sharpener. I haven’t tossed it around. It was packaged inside bubble wrap when it got here. I have no idea.

The color is fantastic. I just wish I didn’t want to throw it across the room every time I sharpen it.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner was $6.99 ($699.00/oz) at Walmart. I have it in the shade innocent because I had to have something to go with nude lipsticks. I scored it at 17.

This is a retractable lip liner. I ❤ that about this liner. I wish they were all like that. Like the NYX lip liner, this lasts about as long as most cream lipsticks last. Even with a lip primer, it tends to fade away in a few hours.

If this had a sharpener in the base so I could get a real good point, I would like more and would be inclined to pick up some other shades. But without the ability to get a good point, that is money I’m not willing to spend when I already have several other berry shade lip liners. I tried sharpening it with an unused eyeliner sharpener from one of my retractable eyeliners. That was a disaster. I’ve washed that sharpener in super hot water and makeup remover countless times and I can still see some of the lip liner in there. Gross.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner was $5.97 ($873.75/oz) at WalMart. I have it in the shade eternal mauve. I picked it out to match a berry lipstick I picked up in the same brand. It is a close match, slightly more pink than the lipstick but not noticeable unless you are really looking. It scored a 16.

This is a retractable lip liner so that automatically makes me want to love it. I have a difficult time with that though because this freaking lip liner hates me. It is so soft that it is constantly breaking unless I keep just the tiniest amount rolled out. I can’t sharpen it so I don’t get the crisp lines I get with the ColourPop and NYX pencils.

I don’t reach for this lip liner hardly ever. I still have the lipstick so I still have the lip liner. I won’t buy another of this brand though. Too much of a headache!

Did you buy a ColourPop Lippie Stix Liner and think it couldn’t be sharpened either?


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