Solo Traveler #24: Face Primer

The only face primers I use are made to conceal redness on the face. I go back and forth between the 2 products below. They are both great primers and both scored a 21 on the Score Card.

ELF Tone Adjusting Face Primer was $6 ($12.24/oz) at WalMart.

It is so soft and smooth on my face. It has the perfect consistency of liquid x cream. A little bit goes a very long way. I’ve used the same bottle off and on for months. I don’t think that it covers redness quite as well as the 2nd product on this list but it just feels good on my face.

It is in a plastic bottle with a sliding pump like the Kat Von D Lock-It foundation so you use every drop of this product. The bottle is incredibly deceiving though. It looks like you get a ton of product but the bottle is dual layered and what you are seeing is actually just green plastic. The inside product well is very, very small. It holds less than ½ an ounce of product. There are a lot of YouTube videos complaining about this, saying it is fraud to package it like this. I don’t agree with such a strong statement though. All it takes is reading the packaging to know how much you are getting.

Because of the green plastic outside, you don’t get a good idea of when the product is going to run out. And when you run out, you really are out. You can probably open the bottle and swipe enough out to finish your application that day but once it is gone, it is gone. I have a 2nd bottle as backup for when I run out.

To try a different cc face primer, I picked up Ulta Flawless Prime for $18.00 ($18.00/oz) on It may have been part of a sale but I’m almost certain I got this at retail price. Like the E.L.F. primer above, this one scored 21.

This product is a lot more liquidy than the E.L.F. one. I have to shake it very well before using it. Otherwise, it just runs right out of the bottle when I open it. This product is 1 ounce so you get twice as much as the E.L.F. one but you pay more. It is in squeeze bottle so the runny product is an issue. Make sure you open it upright.

I do think this one covers redness better. It goes on slightly less sheer than the other one so I think that is why. It feels great on my face, smooth and soft.

I don’t have patchiness or issue with foundation moving with either of these products. They are both great. I’m more inclined to use the E.L.F. primer because I like the pump on a regular day though.

Do you have a favorite face primer?


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