Solo Traveler #23: Drugstore Eyebrow Products

Oh eyebrow products, how I loathe thee. I struggle with eyebrows. Shaping and filling are a nightmare. My eyebrows are generally thin and patchy. They don’t have a good shape. That saying that “eyebrows are cousins, not twins” should say “eyebrows are adopted sisters” for me. I haven’t left the drugstore for eyebrow products yet simply because I am not good at this and hate to waste money on products I am not good at using.

Here is another long Solo Traveler.

The best eyebrow product I have is the Ulta Brow Gel. I scored it at a 21. And of course I can’t find it on anymore. It is likely discontinued. I have 2 of these clear gels because I ended up getting 2 of the gift with purchase sets back in the summer thanks to different orders. My best guess is that this product retailed around $10 ($56.82/oz).

This gel is great at taming wild eyebrow hairs. It doesn’t help much for filling in patches but I use it over top of eyebrow pencils and they don’t move afterwards. If it comes out again, I will rebuy it. I’m so glad I have 2 of them!

I picked up the NYX Eyebrow Pencil for $4.99 ($554.44/oz) at Meijer in the shade light brown. I scored this pencil at an 18.

The color is wrong for me. It would be good for someone with red hair and a natural reddish cast to their eyebrows. It just reads too red in my eyebrows. I like that the waxy pencil is retractable though.

It has a brush end that I hate for this product. It does nothing to diffuse harsh lines of the waxy pencil. I actually use it when I use the last 2 products on this list since those have a powder included in the product. I have to use a clean mascara spoolie to diffuse the wax instead.

I will not repurchase this product but I keep it around for the brush end.

The brow product I reach for most often is Revlon Brow Fantasy. I got it for $5.34 ($133.50/oz) at WalMart. I scored it at a 17.

This pencil is dual sided, with 1 side being a pencil in the shade light brown. The other is a gel in light brown with a mascara-type spoolie in the end.

This product lasts all day and I genuinely like it. I’ve had it for several months and the pencil only has a little over an inch left from frequent sharpening. The gel end is starting to dry up too. I’ve been using the Ulta Brow Gel over top to set it better after application.

I will definitely be repurchasing this one if I can’t find a better alternative. I wish Revlon was cruelty-free. It would make me feel better about using their products. As it is, I am actively searching for a similar product from a cruelty-free company.

I picked up Maybelline Brow Define and Fill Duo for $6.25 ($291.62/oz) at WalMart a while back when I realized the Brow Fantasy was drying up. It is in the shade soft brown. It has a pencil on one end and a powder on the other end. I scored it at 17.

This product annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, it works well enough. The waxy pencil is retractable which I prefer over ones I have to sharpen. However, the powder side is what annoys me. You have to pump it to get powder into the applicator. If you pump it onto a desk or your hand, you get a ton of product there. If you pump it onto your eyebrow, you get a circle of product there that then has to be swiped off. Annoying waste of product. And, then, most of the product is gone from the applicator because it has fallen out while pumping it. So you have to pump it some more. I have to use the NYX pencil’s brush end to clean this up every single time I use it. The applicator itself is very soft and movable. It needs to hold the product in better.

I really like the waxy pencil and powder combination. That feels like a better combination than waxy pencil and gel that could be a lot messier. I just wish the powder had a better pump applicator.

I will use it until it is gone but I will not repurchase it again.

I wanted to love the ELF Eyebrow Kit that I got for $3 ($12.50/oz) on I just don’t. I scored it at a 12.

I thought this would be similar to the Brow Define and Fill duo but with a much more manageable application process since the powder is in a pan instead of some weird pump thingy. It is not more manageable. The little brush that came with it is horrible. It doesn’t pick up the wax at all and kicks off so much powder that you can’t apply any to the eyebrows. The brush is not the only problem though.

The wax takes a ton of effort to get onto any brush and when it does, it is clumpy. I can’t get it to stay on the brush long enough to get it from the pan to my eyebrows. I tried flat brushes. I tried fluffy brushes. Neither work. The powder is really dusty. When I can manage to get enough wax into my eyebrows for the powder to coat them, it works okay. However, the color is more ashy gray than a brown and it is very noticeable up close.

I had high hopes for this product. It has amazing reviews online and I’ve seen several YouTube videos raving about how great it is. I disagree and this product is in the box of shame.

Please hit me in the comments with a recommendation. I need something that will fill in my thin patchy brows that doesn’t cost a small fortune!


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