Solo Traveler #22: Drugstore Contour

I am very new to the contour game. I haven’t moved beyond drugstore contour products and by the time I’m comfortable with application of contour, it will probably be a makeup faux pas. 😀

Wetnwild Megaglow Dual-Ended Contour Stick was $5.00 ($17.86/oz) at WalMart. It was the first contour product I picked up and I got it in the shade light-medium. I scored it at 20.

There is nothing wrong with this product. It doesn’t smell, the coverage is good, and I like it. I don’t reach for it often simply because I have a hard time remembering to blend my jaw line. I’m a mess like that. I don’t use the highlight side nearly at all. For some reason, it seems to make my foundation go patchy mid-day. That side is still in its original shape!

For the money, this is an excellent cream contour stick and you really can’t go wrong with it so long as you can remember to blend. It will be a while before this one runs out but I imagine I’ll rebuy it when it does.

Wetnwild Megaglow Contour Palette was $5.98 ($13.59/oz) at WalMart. When I decided I wanted to try other contour products, I picked this one up in the shade Dulce De Leche. I scored it at 19.

This is one of the first products where I hit pan. With my forgetting to blend issue, I use this powder product much more often than the cream sticks. I’ve already purchased another one in the same shade for when I run out. I don’t use the highlight shade nearly as much as the contour shade but I’ve made a commitment to use all of it before I open the new package.

Speaking of package, this product comes in the same flat, round compact that the Wet N Wild illuminating highlight palette comes in. It is hard plastic so it is sturdy but looks cheap as hell. I would love for the packaging to get an upgrade.

The powder in this dusts up quite a lot. I do what I can to keep the dark out of the light but I can see some smears in the light side anyways. That is very annoying.

Hard Candy Highlight and Contour Face Duo Stick was $6 ($32.61/oz) at WalMart. I picked this up in the shade light when I got the powder contour above. It is skinnier than the Wet N Wild stick so I thought I’d get more precise application than the other one. In reality, I just got less product. I scored this one at 17.

I use this cream stick more than the Wet N Wild stick even though I like the other one better. Why? I don’t freaking know. The shade comes off gray rather than light brown. I always go over it after setting powder with the powder contour palette. I’m being stubborn. I paid for it. It works even if the color is off so I’m using it until it runs out. That won’t be long actually because I’ve got about ¼ of an inch of the contour side left.

The highlight side barely looks used. And that is pretty much the case. Like the Wet N Wild stick, the highlight end seems to make my foundation patchy later. I may try to put it on before foundation a few times and see if that helps at all. At any rate, I use this product about every other time that I do a full face. Despite the gray, it is a great contour product when layered under the contour powder. There is a lot more dimension to my contour when I use it that way.

I will not repurchase this product but I’m using it until it runs out.

There are tons of contour products out there. What do you use?


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