Best Boss Ever

I had to share this as soon as I got home today.

My boss took his 4 year old to Universal Studios and Disney World this weekend for a daddy-son bonding trip. They went to Jedi training camp, Harry Potter World, and some places in Disney. The kid loves Star Wars and is getting into Disney stuff. He hasn’t had much of an introduction to Harry Potter though. To prepare them for the trip, the boss borrowed my DVDs of HP 1 and 2 so that his boy would be interested in that too. I jokingly told him that I’d loan them to him if he’d bring me something back. He heartily agreed that if I would give him access to all of my DVDs and the series in paperback, he would take me up on that offer. Yeah, yeah. haha

I’m all about converting the youth into Potterheads.

We looked at pictures and maps of the park for days, I gave him a reader’s digest version of what was important in the books/movies, where certain themes popped up, how much the little one would be able to recognize based on the first 2 movies, etc. We looked up Ollivander’s wand shop so I was able to tell him a little bit about the non-trio characters from the names on the wands. It was a cool way to pass a few hours while getting paid. 😀

While they were at Universal, my boss sent me some cute pictures of his kid with some Star Wars props and pics of Harry Potter World. The sign for Hogsmeade village, platform 9 3/4, the opening to Diagon Alley, and a selfie of the two of them inside Ollivanders. Cute stuff! He knew I’d appreciate it once I wasn’t dying of some random fever/vomit plague. And I totally did.

He got back to work today and said he had all kinds of pictures to show me but first, he needed to present me with a souvenir. I was honestly joking. He was not joking.



He not only got me a collectible wand, but he got me Professor Snape’s wand. He knew I was very sad about Alan Rickman’s passing last year and that I had a huge starcrush on Alan so he guessed (correctly) that Snape was my favorite character in the movies at least. Oh. My. God. I have the best boss ever.


2 thoughts on “Best Boss Ever

    • It really was very cool of him to bring me something back. He was so impressed with HPW. He has replanned his family vacation in the summer so he can take his wife and 17 year old daughter to HPW too. I’ve converted him. haha

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