Solo Traveler #21: Profusion Bare Palette (from 2013)

I posted waaay too much yesterday. Between my regularly scheduled review, the 3 posts for my haul, my “not sick” post, and my brain exploding generational post, I made 6 posts yesterday. Erm… that is probably too much. I will be taking it down a few notches. Sorry about that!

15785597_10100901717120029_2022839574_oI seem to remember Mom buying the Profusion Bare eyeshadow palette from J.C. Penny at the same time that she bought me a set of makeup brushes sometime back in 2014. But I distinctly remember the brushes came from Marshalls. I can’t find this particular leopard print neutral eyeshadow palette on Profusion’s website so it has probably been discontinued. That makes me think it also came from Marshalls. I have no idea how much Mom paid for it.

Based on some internet sleuthing, this palette came out in 2013 and was Profusions’ version of Urban Decay’s Naked palette. The animal print cover was limited edition (maybe?). Most of the ones I saw had the leopard print on the inside too. Mine is plain yellow. So perhaps the misprinted case is why this product ended up at Marshalls? It seems these sold for $4.99 ($8.65/oz) back in the day. Profusion later came out with another Bare palette but the color (and formulation I hope) is completely different.15785335_10100901717115039_1052532858_o

I kept this palette in a drawer for a couple years. I wasn’t into eyeshadow and didn’t have a use for it. After trying it out a few times, this one scored a 14.

The case is cute. It is leopard print with some shimmers. The closure is magnetic. When you open it up, there is a mirror on the lid and 10 eyeshadows inside. There are spots for 2 other items that were not in the package when I opened it. According to the ingredient list on the back (that is barely readable thanks to gold print on top of leopard print… seriously, what were they thinking?), there was an eyeliner pencil. No loss there. The smaller one was an eyeshadow applicator thing that I would have trashed anyways.

The shadows are a mix of matte and shimmery neutral shades. There are 2 whites and the rest are a mix of coppers and browns. They are very pretty. But they are also incredibly powdery. The fallout is huge. The pigment has to be built up and it doesn’t last more than 8 hours usually. I’m sad about that because these colors really are very pretty.

It should score slightly higher. It isn’t horrible. I just never reach for it because it takes so much effort to build color.

I have put this in the box of shame and pulled it back out multiple times. I just can’t decide if I want to keep it. With Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, the pigmentation may last longer. But, if you have to use ¼ of the pan to get the color to show up, is it really worth it? There is a reason this has been discontinued. Maybe because of the fallout. Maybe it was a holiday item. I don’t know. I hate to throw it out though because the palette is adorable. If I ever get an actual makeup room, this would be awesome as a display. I don’t know what to do with it! Ahhhh.

Do you have a product that doesn’t work great but you can’t throw it out?


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