Unboxed #4

I’ve been dying to get to this since Christmas day and I am soooo excited.

Let’s jump into this crazy long haul. All of my ELF products were 50% off for Boxing Day and I got free shipping! The Amazon and ColourPop purchases were all discounted too.

First up, Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Powder. I have seen people on YouTube raving about this powder for months. Did you know that Ben Nye is actually a special effects makeup brand? Yeah, their specialty is fake blood and clown makeup. Erm… Anyway, I picked up this powder for $18.99 on Amazon. The specific retailer I got it from normally sells it for $25.00 ($8.33/oz) and I got a nice little sale. This is 3 ounces of loose translucent powder. 3 ounces?! OMG. That is a lot of loose powder. Elf’s HD powders are .28 ounces and Ulta’s Mineral Setting Power is .26 ounces. 3 full ounces is a lifetime of powder. It didn’t have any packaging. None. The lid was screwed on tight though and the inside sifter was sealed really well. I had to use tweezers to pull that plastic seal off. The powder shakes out lightly and it blends away clear. I played with it over a couple foundations and it does blend out clear. It has no smell and that is awesome. I’m stoked to try a full face with this powder.

I picked up the Real Techniques setting brush on a whim and the whole ordeal has made me swear off add-on items from Amazon. I got the brush for $3.91. Seemed like a bargain. But then, when I went to check out, Amazon wouldn’t ship the brush until I placed a minimum of a $25.00 order. Seriously? I ended up randomly adding a packet of loose tea to get my order up to the $25.00 mark just so I could get my damn brush. Never again. -.- Anyways, the packaging is nice and secure like all Real Techniques brushes. The brush itself is great. Very soft and dense. I can’t wait to try it out.

HD Powder in sheer was a repurchase. This translucent powder was the first product I ever ran out of completely. My routine was to apply this powder in soft luminance to wherever I would add highlighter and then use sheer everywhere else to set my foundation and concealer. That was interrupted when I ran out of sheer. -.- I’ve looked at 3 different WalMarts, a Meijer, and a Target for this and they don’t have it. Gah! It is $6.00 ($21.43/oz) and it was my go to for setting powder for a couple months until I ran out. I’ve been using the Ulta Mineral Setting Powder ever since but I like this one better because it doesn’t have much of a tint to it. If I’m using a lighter foundation, the color from the Ulta powder is very prominent. And if I use a more orange tone foundation, the Ulta powder makes the orange even worse. I never had that issue with this powder. Now that I have the Ben Nye powder though, do I really need any other powder? We shall see. I know a lot of people have issue with this loose powder. It is very finely milled and brushes and blending sponges have a hard time picking the powder up. I dribble the powder onto a powder puff and use it that way so I never had that issue. Eh? I got this restock item for $3.00! FWIW, the soft luminance powder is called shimmer on elfcosmetics.com.

I had to add Matte Lip Colors in cranberry, nearly nude, dash of pink, hot commodity, rowdy rouge, and scarlet night to my collection. You all know I am mad for these things. I am only missing fuchsia and coral now. Damn out of stocks. These lipsticks are perfection. Lip liner and lipstick all in one with smooth creamy application and matte finish. Plus, the shade range is out of this world. Add the sharpener in the base and this product is perfection. At $3.00 ($60.00/oz), they are one of the least expensive items in my growing collection and I will have them all dammit. I picked each of these up for $1.50. Wooo! Funny note, the name on one of these lipsticks is printed wrong. Hot Commodity is written as “Hot Commondity” instead. 😀

Baked Highlighter in blushed gems was not a well thought out purchase. I’ve found that I am not overly fond of baked products. These run in 3 shades at $4.00 ($19.05/oz). I’ve been reading up on them and apparently, once you scrape the hard top layer off these highlighters, they are creamy inside. I just haven’t quite figured out how to scrape the top layer off yet. I am excited to try the dry brush vs. wet brush technique though. I’ve done that with eyeshadows before so this might work out. Although, the one I picked up is more pink than I would like for a highlighter so I may have to layer it with my Makeup Revolution Baked Vivid Highlighter to tone it down. We’ll see how it swatches. I got this for $2.00.

I am always looking for brow products because I need all the help I can get in that department. Instant Lift Brow Pencil looked interesting. These brow pencils come in 3 shades and cost $2.00 ($333.33/oz). I got taupe and I really hope it isn’t too light for my brows. I always end up picking out a light brown and then complain about it being too light. I need to get my act together. It looks dark enough though so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I paid $1.00 for this so if it doesn’t work out, meh. I’m not terribly worried about it. This pencil has a spoolie in the other end. The pencil itself feels waxy so that’s good. But it is slightly thicker than what I would use. I’m not sure how that is going to work out. I can probably sharpen the tip with one of my eyeliner sharpeners so not a big deal.

ELF has been hyping their skincare line for months. The Hydrating Bubble Mask didn’t look very interesting until I watched some videos on it. I’ve been eyeing it ever since but refusing to spend $14.00 ($8.28/oz) on it. I got the chance to get it for $7.00 and swooped in like a velociraptor. Rahhhhh! Mine. It has a pump that I am obsessed with now. I have the ELF face mask brush tool so I think this will work out well to prevent wasting the product on my fingertips. This will make a reappearance in a future skincare post, I’m certain.

I’m always looking for a brush to apply highlighter. I’ve been using the smallest angled blush brush that I have in my collection and it is a pain. This small tapered brush looks like it will be perfect. It was $3.00 ($1.50 on sale). I was afraid this would end up being an eyeshadow brush after I ordered it. It is not. It will work for cream contour, under eye setting powder, and highlighter just fine. Yay!

I purchased another total face brush to add to my collection. These are $2.00 ($1.00 on sale) and I ❤ this brush for powder. It is so soft but packed full of bristles so it is perfect. I can apply powder with this like butter.

Since you can’t ever have too many powder brushes, I picked up a mineral powder brush. This retails for $3.00 ($1.50 on sale). This is much smaller than the total face brush. I guess, since it is supposed to be used for mineral power, that makes sense. I could see myself using this dense brush to push powder into the corners of my nose or maybe for all over blending once I get powder contour, blush, and highlighter in place to knock off sharp lines. I might even apply my powder contour with this brush. Oh the possibilities.

I take a ton of selfies but I’m not really on the selfie product train. However, I was given an ultimate blending brush as a gift with purchase a while back and this selfie ready foundation brush reminds me of that brush for some reason. It retails for $6.00 ($3.00 on sale). The ultimate blending brush has seen a lot of miles since I picked it up so I hoped this one would become a usable 2nd. This foundation brush is super soft, where the ultimate blending brush is rather firm from such densely packed bristles, so I’m not sure that is going to happen. I’ll probably end up using it as intended instead of my normal “let’s see if it can do this” process. I’ve been practicing applying foundation with my ELF pointed foundation brush and my Real Techniques flat foundation brush for a few weeks and I am getting better. But it is still streaky and I have to use a sponge to finish it off. Maybe this brush with help me out more being a rounded brush instead of flat like my other 2 brushes.

On to ColourPop!

I picked up the Lippie Stix lip primer since I was making an order anyways. It is always good to have a backup and this lip primer is the best one I’ve tried so far. I’m not opening it. It will go into the bottom of my kit with the rest of my unopened duplicates until I run out of my open one. I got it for $5.00 ($142.05/oz).

I ordered one of the holiday 2016 ultra satin lips a while ago and realized afterwards that I ordered the wrong color! I wanted wink but accidentally ordered bijou instead. So when they cut the price on holiday stuff and I saw that wink was still in stock, I had to pick it up! It was originally $6.00 ($54.55/oz) and marked down to $4.80.

This whole order came about because ColourPop put up some bundles. I ended up getting the Casual Encounter bundle with 4 super shock shadows and 3 matte lipsticks. The bundle was $30.00. Buying each of these individually would have cost $38.00 so I was pleased with the savings.

The Super Shock Shadow part of the bundle is the All Nighter set. These are $5.00 ($71.43/oz) individually and I think $18.00 for the set of 4. I love these eyeshadows. The pigment is so versatile. You can get strong pigment if applied with the fingers. You can get similar pigment if applied with a stiff brush. You can get softer diffused pigment if applied with a fluffy brush. And the colors in this set are phenomenal. Smash is a beige with some gold in it. Vega is a taupe with gold, pink, and violet glitter. To-a-T is a matte brown. Mooning is a plum with some lighter violet. I cannot wait to swatch these!

The Matte Lip part of the bundle is the Out and About set. These are $6.00 ($54.55/oz) individually. The set of 3 is $15.00. I have never tried matte lipsticks from ColourPop so this will be a new experience. I hope they aren’t incredibly drying. This set includes viper, a dusty rose shade, that I’ve been eyeing forever but couldn’t bring myself to pick up. I hope it is more dusty than pink when I swatch it. It also has times square, a pink beige shade, and barracuda, a deep rose shade. Going back to reading the products, I realized that this is not an all matte bundle. Baracuda is actually an ultra satin lip, not matte. That’s fine with me. I know I like those. 😀

Whew that was a lot of products! Who knew getting so many pretty things would be so much work? Swatches of the lipsticks, brow pencil, and highlighter are coming soon. 😀


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