The Next Generation is Doomed

Since I got new makeup brushes in my haul and I’ve been sick the last few days, I decided to clean before I started touching my new makeup.

I made the bed, put my clothes in the washer, gathered up the trash and empty water glasses, and generally tidied up. I used Lysol wipes on my desk, my purse straps, the doorknob to my room and the bathroom, my computer and mouse, etc. I threw all my bedding in the laundry room to be washed next. And then I got to my makeup. I sprayed the outside of everything with alcohol and wiped them down. I’ve been working on this slowly since 7am. I just did this last week but I hate being sick and don’t want to recontaminate myself.

I gathered up every makeup brush/sponge/puff I’ve touched this week and my new brushes and carried them off to the bathroom. Washing my makeup brushes is always a long process. I deep clean with antibacterial dish soap and olive oil with the ELF cleaning glove and warm water. I also clean sponges and puffs with antibacterial bar soap and warm water. It took roughly 30 minutes. Here is where my theory that the next generation is doomed comes in.

I was cleaning up my mess in the bathroom when Kid 1 and her friend (that has been here all freaking weekend 😡 ) walked by the bathroom. This is the conversation I overheard.

  • Friend: What is she doing in there?
  • Kid 1: Washing her makeup brushes.
  • Friend: Why?
  • Kid 1: I don’t know. She does that, like, every week.
  • Friend: Wasn’t she just bleaching her bedroom?
  • Kid 1: IDK. (literally, she said I-D-K…)
  • Friend: She is so weird.

OMG. Apparently these kids have not heard that cleanliness is a virtue. That generation is going to end up with herpes of the eye and skin fungus and antibiotic resistant plague. My brain about exploded. On a normal week, I wash my makeup brushes. Usually Saturday or Sunday. When I’m sick, I wash everything once my fever breaks. These girls just watched me puke, stand in cold showers, sweat profusely, puke some more, and pass out in regular cycles for 2 days. Why on Earth would I want to go through that again!?

I am deeply troubled for the common sense and hygiene of today’s teenagers if my 2 little sisters and their friends are indicative of the rest of their generation. :/


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