Swatch Me #4

Swatches are so much fun! ❤ Because this “haul” was a combination of 3 different purchases and had a lot of swatchable products, I had to break the pictures up. I don’t have a suitable background to do arm swatches yet so the back of my hand is the best I can do right now.

First up, ELF swatches.


Left to Right: instant lift brow pencil in taupe, baked highlighter in blushed gems, and matte lip colors in scarlet night, cranberry, rowdy rouge, hot commodity, dash of pink, and nearly nude.

So the brow pencil might be okay after all. Yay! That baked highlighter is a lot less pink than I expected so I think it will be fine. I am very happy with scarlet night and cranberry. I thought scarlet night would end up being too dark for me but I think it is a perfect darker shade, more brown than the plum I expected. Hot commodity is a lot oranger than I expected though. I haven’t made a decision on that one quite yet.

Now to ColourPop swatches. I have to say that ColourPop is an amazing, affordable brand and I am definitely a fan girl. But they do have some issues. They’ve had some naming controversies in the past. They have a connection to Kylie’s lip kits that some people are losing their minds over. And their shades are constantly criticized because they aren’t true to what you see in the container. That is why their website shows swatches on different skin tones. The shades will look lighter or darker, depending on your skin tone! Just an fyi.

15943039_10100911173219929_302452015_oLeft to Right: Ultra Satin Lips in wink and baraccuda, Ultra Matte Lips in viper and times square.

I didn’t realize wink was so similar in color to  viper. I’m not mad about it because I really like these colors and now I have it 2 different formulas. Surprisingly, I like times square too. I was a little iffy on it but I think it is going to work out. FYI, I had these swatches on my hand for less than a minute and those mattes had already dried down. It took forever to get them off!



15967500_10100911173239889_284671488_oLeft to Right: Super Shock Shadows in smash, vega, to-a-t, and mooning.

Do you see those sparkles in vega? Wow. To-a-T is the perfect matte brown, just like I thought. By the description, I though mooning would have a purple hint to it but it looks more like a charcoal on me. Not sure what is up with that but I like the color regardless. I am very happy with this purchase!





Alright Puffins, that’s all I’ve got for ya. Until next time! ❤


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