Solo Traveler #20: Eyeshadow Primers

Let’s do a longer post today for the 20th Solo Traveler. Counting this review, I’ve reached 44 products reviewed out of 110. 13 of those will be reviewed individually since they were gifts and I want to do them justice. So onward to #45-97 of more than likely a lot of combination reviews like the one below.

One of my favorite clutch products is eyeshadow primers. Let’s talk about the ones I’ve tried! Eyeshadow primer is a beautiful thing. If you saw my Compare the Wear 9 or so days ago where I wore combinations of the 4 different eyeshadow primers I own, this particular review will not surprise you.

ELF Eye Primer and Line Sealer – This was the first eyeshadow primer I ever bought. It was $3 ($8.57/oz). With this one, you really do get what you paid for.

This product is a stick cream formula. You rub it into the eyelid and try not to stab yourself in the process. It takes some practice to get it to blend out evenly and needs to be set immediately with powder or it will start to crease a few seconds after application. The color of the stick is the color you get on your eye: fairly light neutral. The other end of this eyeshadow primer is a line sealer. You are supposed to be able to run this felt tip wand into any eyeshadow you want to get that color of eyeliner. That would be hella cool if it didn’t eat up and ruin my eyeshadows in the process. 😡

No matter what I’ve tried, I cannot get this eyeshadow primer to work. The pigmentation of eyeshadows begins to fade within a couple hours as I start to get oily. It creases so much. By the end of the day, I tend to have a cut crease of muddy chunks of eyeshadow and nothing else but oily shine.

It scored an 18 but a lot of the gimme points helped it along. It should have scored much lower, probably in the 12-13 range instead. Since Compare the Wear #1 is complete, this product is now in the box of shame.

Ulta Eye Primer – I picked up this eyeshadow primer at Ulta for $12.00 ($40.00/oz). I had picked up one of their eyeshadow palettes at the time and I do try to brand match often. It seemed like a good add-on to an already exciting purchase. It scored an 18 like the Elf eyeshadow primer. It is a lot better than the Elf eyeshadow primer though. Like I said, the Elf one over-scored due to gimme points.

This is a liquid to cream eyeshadow primer. The color it comes out of the tube is the color it shows up on your eye. I hope you like the shade white girl. It blends to be fairly sheer so maybe it will work for you? :/ It doesn’t come in anything else. It takes some practice on blending it in but much less than the Elf stick eyeshadow primer.

Ulta Eye Primer does have a distinct chemical smell but it fades. On good days, I can get this product to last 10 hours. On bad days, I’m lucky to get 8 hours. Sometimes it creases. Sometimes it doesn’t. I always shake it up before I used it so I don’t know what is the deal with this eyeshadow primer honestly.

I will use Ulta Eye Primer until it is gone but I will definitely not be repurchasing it.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance – One of my first purchases got me a free deluxe sample of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It retails for $20 ($57.14/oz) normally. I was super stoked to try it out, especially considering the issues I was having with the other eyeshadow primers I had bought. This eyeshadow primer scored a 22. Big difference. Kid 1 was very put out when I didn’t give her this particular sample.

I’ve used this deluxe sample a lot. I don’t think Compare the Wear #1 did it justice. It is reaching the end of the tube and is a bit watery now. I really hope that isn’t the case for the full size version. I’d be very disappointed.

This is a liquid to cream eyeshadow primer like the Ulta Eye Primer. Well, I guess that’s what this is. They are all liquid like foundation but when blended feel creamier to me. If I’m wrong about what kind of products these eyeshadow primers are, please let me know in the comments. I’m always striving to learn! This product comes out a similar shade as the Ulta eyeshadow primer but blends out clear.

I can’t really make much complaint about this product. It works for at least 12 hours on good days, 10 on oily days. It blends smoothly and I don’t have to rush to shove powder into my eyes before it creases. It starts to drop pigmentation in eyeshadows around the 8-hour mark though so the colors get muted. Considering how long the deluxe sample has lasted, I would say the full size version is very well worth $20 if you can’t get your hands on the next eyeshadow primer.

Urban Decay Primer Potion – Urban Decay Primer Potion was the first high end eyeshadow primer I ever bought. I got it on sale during Black Friday 2016 for $8. Woo! It normally retails for $20 ($60.61/oz) so you get close to the same amount of product as the Too Faced eyeshadow primer. It comes in this delightful lavender tube. This eyeshadow primer scored a 23.

This has the same consistency as the Too Faced eyeshadow primer and it also blends out clear. I think this one does a bit more for pigmentation of eyeshadow but they last about the same time, 12+ hours on a good day and 10 hours on an oily day. UD scored 1 point higher than TF only because of an extra point in the bonus category. People specifically complemented my eyeshadow several times when I’ve wore this eyeshadow primer. I think it really is down to how vibrant the eyeshadow looks and UD edges TF out on that one. I think this eyeshadow primer holds pigmentation a bit longer than TF’s does. I don’t notice any major pigmentation fading until nearly 10 hours on good days.

I want to be a Too Faced fangirl but I gotta say that Urban Decay Primer Potion is my #1 eyeshadow primer right now.


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