I Am Not Sick

I’ve been telling myself that for the past 2 days. I am not sick. I am not sick!

I was sick last week. Last week I had a low-grade fever (100.5º at the highest), sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. Classic symptoms of an allergy issue. A few Benadryl and I was fine a couple days later. I really need to start taking allergy medicine daily so I stop doing that every 2-3 weeks.

This current sickness though… Not much coughing or sneezing and no watery eyes. Extreme fatigue, moderately high fever off and on (102º-ish), dizziness, vomiting, and so on. It wasn’t a cold or the flu. It went away too quickly for that. Plus, I didn’t have anything going on with my lungs or sinuses. I have no idea what this was.

I have slept a whole lot since Friday afternoon. I woke up every couple of hours due to a burning pain in my throat and eventually vomiting. I forced down a glass of water. Then I passed out again. Repeat over and over again for about 48 hours. Not a fun cycle. I’ve been taking an antibiotic every 12 hours, Tylenol every 6 hours, and Pepto every time I woke up. How I didn’t vomit up any of that medicine is beyond me.

I slept the whole night last night though and I have no fever. I checked it at 7am and again just now. Perfectly normal 98.6º. If I hadn’t been given antibiotics for the abscess treatment on Friday, I’d probably still be sick. I should note that I was already running a low fever before they started messing with that abscess so I’m not blaming the doctor on this. 😀

I don’t feel exhausted anymore. I’m not dizzy. I feel a little spacey but not dizzy, like I’ve taken an antihistamine and then forced myself to stay awake. My throat feels raw. And my face too. Due to the fever, I am in the middle of a major rosacea flair. No amount of aloe or cold water is helping to calm it. I’m not surprised. It hurts to touch my face at all. I haven’t done my skin care routine since Friday morning and I can tell. I also haven’t applied my Lash Accerlator since Thursday night.

Since I don’t feel like I’m dying (I’m a overly dramatic baby when I’m sick), I finally got around to opening my ELF and ColourPop orders. I got some good stuff! I will have the In The Box for those up today. Provided my fever doesn’t return, I will get them open and swatch them in a Unboxed and Swatch Me tonight. This will be a combination of my Amazon order that came last week, the ELF order that showed up Friday, and the ColourPop order that came in Saturday. TONS of stuff to show and I’m excited. I just don’t want to contaminate anything if there is a chance of my fever returning so I’m waiting patiently.

See ya soon Puffins!


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