I’m Alive

Being sick is the quickest way for me to turn into a big baby. I’m grouchy and needy and emotional. I hate it.

My fever broke finally. I had to take 2 cold showers and stuff cold wash rags under my neck and in my arm pits, wrap them around my wrists and feet, etc. for hours.

I have been up about every 2 hours since 4pm yesterday either feeling nauseated/dizzy or having major heart burn or getting wash rags cold again. I’ve actually still got the heart burn despite 3 glasses of water, 12 tums, and eating some bread. It is getting a little better now though.

My wound is not packed. It was so painful getting the packing out last night that I told Mom I didn’t think I could stand her trying to put fresh packing back in. So she just covered it. We may try later today to pack it since it isn’t quite as raw now.

I will get around to my ELF order today. Also, my ColourPop order is coming today too! Those will be some awesome In the Box posts. 😀


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