Solo Traveler #18: Drugstore Highlighters

Here is another Solo Traveler review with combination products.

Highlighter is so trendy that every YouTube video I see about “Makeup Trends That Need To Die in 2017” includes highlighter. Generally, applying way too much of it needs to die. Alright, fair enough. But some YouTubers have gone as far as saying to ditch it altogether. Erm… no?

I’m on the highlighter bandwagon and I don’t see myself coming off it soon. I need to try more!

My first highlighter was the Wet N Wild Megaglow Illuminating Palette in catwalk pink. I got it at WalMart for $5.00 ($12.35/oz). It has 4 different colors of highlighter in the same pan. You can swirl them all together or carefully use one at a time. I personally just swirl it all together. This product scored 21 on the Score Card.

There isn’t much to complain about with this product. It wears a long time (solid 10 hours or more), it doesn’t smell, and the fallout isn’t too bad. If I had to say anything negative, like many Wet N Wild products, I wish they’d change the packaging. It feels and looks cheap. I know the price is low but I’d pay more to have a hardier case.

I picked up the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in peach lights recently for $6 ($23.03/oz) on and poor Wet N Wild has been abandoned ever since. Like the Wet N Wild highlighter, this one scored a 21 as well.

I get a couple more hours of wear-time out of this highlighter though so I have been using it a lot more. Like the Wet N Wild highlighter, there really isn’t much to criticize about this product. It is great all around. The Makeup Revolution packaging is slightly better than the Wet N Wild one but not by much.

These are both solid products for the money and I adore them. ❤

So far, I haven’t made it out of the drugstore pool of highlighters. What is a reasonably priced high-end highlighter you would recommend?


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