Sick Again

Oh man, today is not my day. Icy roads on my way to work saw me driving into the ditch multiple times. I made it to work but barely. Stupid snow and ice.

While at work, I was talking about work stuff with a coworker and suddenly felt a stabbing pain and wet sensation on my inner thigh where that abscess is located. Not here, please.

I waddled to the bathroom and discovered, yes in fact here. It had busted and drained all down my leg. The pain was bad. The smell was worse. Dear God. I cleaned up, a coworker brought me a panty liner and packing tape to wrap my leg securely and I launched into a mortified call to my doctor.

This was at 9am. The doctor could see me at 1pm. So I hung out at work until noon. I felt awful, random bursts of dizziness and pain and fatigue. I figured it was embarrassment.

Made it to the doctor at 12:30pm. They got me back and we discovered that I was actually running a low grade fever. Again. I just got over being sick. This sucks.

They did an incision and drainage. It was not pretty. Thankfully, not much pus, the doc said. Yeah, that’s because all the pus ran out all over me at work early this morning, thanks. -.- It is all clean and packed with gauze and I have instructions to change my bath soap, take slightly warmer showers instead of my well-meaning chilly ones, and to change the packing material up to 3 times in the next 24 hours. Not that I can do this. I am a chubby girl and this is on the inside bottom of my thigh right at my panty line. Not happening. Mom will have to be involved, much to her horror.

I got home and still felt slightly dizzy. I took my medicines, put my ELF package up (I do not have the want to even open it right now). Took my temperature. Slightly higher than at the doctor’s office and I’m chilling. No worries. I put on my warmest pajamas, cranked the heat in my room, and took a nap under my warm blankets to try to beat out the fever. I got up 3 hours later and uh… now my fever is higher still. Not good. It isn’t veering into dangerous temps so I’m fine but it should have broke.

So now I have an issue: I can take a cold shower to break the fever. BUT… my doctor told me specifically that I need to use warmer water in the shower from now on. Do I ignore the doctor just until the fever is down or sacrifice the fever-breaking benefits of a cold shower?


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