Solo Traveler #17: Ulta’s Hello Beautiful Palette

Hello beautiful people! Here is another Solo Traveler review. This one is a single product review. I really can’t wait to get all of my current products reviewed so that I can start reviewing single items. I’ve decided since I’m doing lipsticks and mascaras last that I will begin my single item reviews with the stuff I got for Christmas.

But while we are here, I want to review a full face palette and since I only have 1, I can do a single product review. Yay!

15824157_10100902388489599_81004006_oI picked up Ulta’s Hello Beautiful full face palette back in the late summer. I paid $12.99 ($10.78/oz) for this palette but I had to make a larger purchase to get that price. I don’t quite remember what it was, maybe $20-25. This product has been discontinued so if you didn’t pick it up when it was available, you missed out on a gem. I scored it a 17 on the Score Card.

This was the first palette I ever bought myself so it has a tender place in my heart despite its flaws. That includes a ding in the case that it had when it arrived. You can see it along the spine of the “book” in the top left photo, just slightly left of the middle. It looks like a book at first glance with a beautiful psychedelic watercolor cover.

When you open the magnetic closure to the first “page”, you will find 28 mix-and-match matte and shimmery eyeshadows. The picture is deceiving – you can’t see the shimmers. 😦 This page isn’t very thick so I doubt there is much product there. The eyeshadows have a lot of fallout so I try to go easy on these. The colors are vibrant and there is decent pigment when worn with an eyeshadow primer. I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t work out. The adjacent page includes a mirror. Always nice to have a good size mirror.

When you turn the page, you have the palette name printed on that same psychedelic watercolor print. The adjacent page has some hit or miss products for me. It has an eyeshadow applicator that is garbage. It has an eyeliner pencil. It is garbage. I didn’t get beyond swatching it; it was that bad. There is also a trash blush brush. It looks like any of the cheap, flat blush brushes that companies insist work but don’t. The rest of it is fantastic though. You have a quad of color powders. Two of these powders are highlighters, a pink toned one and a yellow toned one. The yellow one could be used as a banana powder in my opinion. The pink toned highlighter is beautiful with just the right amount of sheen. There is a bronzer and a blush as well. These colors work so well together. The blush is a bit more pink than I would normally like but it doesn’t look bad paired with the rest of these. These throw up a fair amount of dust as well but I think the amount of product there balances that out nicely. This page also includes 2 lip products: a pearl peach butter balm lip gloss and a bright pink matte lip cream. I don’t do gloss so this has not been used beyond swatching. However, I love the matte lip cream. The formula must have changed because this sample size matte lip cream does a lot better for wear-time than the full size one I picked up a few weeks ago.

The back cover is the same psychedelic print with ingredient lists. Very pretty overall packaging.

Overall, I love this palette. If Ulta comes out with another one in 2017, I will definitely buy it. The idea is great. I do wish they would include a better eyeliner at least. A retractable crayon would be ideal. I also wish they’d trade the lip gloss for a lip butter next time. I just really don’t enjoy gloss at all. One legitimate criticism I will give this is the items on the last product page are incredibly difficult to get out. They have them wedged in their spots to keep them in the palette. I get that. But if I have to break a nail to get it out, no thanks.

Did you catch this palette when it was available? Has Ulta done others in the past?


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