Solo Traveler #16: Bronzers

Bronzer is not my friend. I either don’t use enough so it doesn’t show up or use too much and I look like my face is dirty. Blending is a considerable part of my daily routine. Oddly enough, all of my bronzers scored a 17 on the Score Card.

I own 3 ELF bronzers.

Sunkissed Glow Bronzer– $2 ($11.11/oz) from I have the shade sunkissed. I got this as a gift with purchase. The packaging is in the cheap white packaging. I’ve learned not to expect much of their products in the white compacts. This one does as well as the other bronzers in the black packaging from this brand though so it isn’t too bad. It is very powdery. I have considered putting this in the box of shame several times. I just don’t use it. I’m not super crazy about the shade as it comes off with a slight pink look. I loathe the cheap look of the packaging. I keep on keeping it though. Hmm…

Golden Bronzer – $4 ($7.55/oz) from I own 2 of these in golden. After I bought the first one, I got another as a gift with purchase a couple months later. This bronzer is a quad of 4 different shades. I just swirl it all together. It works. The color is light but can be built up. It has a hint of a smell but you can’t tell at all during application. Once you can get the product on a brush (that takes a few swipes), it has a ton of fallout. The sleek black snap compact is cute and I love the mirror. When I use ELF bronzers, this is the one I always grab. Good thing I have 2 of them!

Bronzer Palette – $6 ($10.71/oz) from WalMart. This product is a quad like the Golden Bronzer. This was the first ELF bronzer I picked up. I think mine is mismarked. 😦 It says it is the shade Bronze Beauty which would be fine on my skin tone. However, comparing it to the website, I’m almost certain I actually have the shade Deep Bronze. The lighter colors in this palette can work for me if I am careful but the deepest shade has the least sparkle in it so I sometimes use it as a contour instead. This one has some fallout and a slight smell too but nothing remarkable. The case is fantastic. I love the sleek black packaging, how the 4 shades are separated so I can get to one shade easily, and just how huge the mirror is. I use this mirror every day to apply other makeup.

I own one other bronzer. It is Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer with SPF 15. I got it at WalMart for $4 ($8.70/oz). I reach for this bronzer almost daily just because of the SPF. I have the shade ticket to Brazil and I can’t stop calling it ticket to Tahiti for some reason.

This is a great product. It has just the slightest smell and dusts up a lot with use. But, I’ll take that for the SPF alone. I wish it came in more than 3 shades and I think mine is the darkest they have actually. It wouldn’t even work as a setting powder for Kid 1, let alone a bronzer. :/ I would love for Wet N Wild to come out with a sturdier package for this product similar to the Elf Bronzer Palette. The compact it comes in is just ugh.

This product is buildable and blends like a dream. The fallout is annoying so make sure you tap that brush!

Do you have any tips for a bronzer newbie like me? Everything I’ve tried is drugstore quality. Maybe I would have more luck (or just less problems) with a high-end bronzer. Do you have any recommendations?


6 thoughts on “Solo Traveler #16: Bronzers

    • I definitely haven’t graduated to Benefit’s prices for a product that I don’t really know that I’m using right yet. I’ll get there one day though. haha I have a few Essence products on my 2017 Wish List that I want to try out though. 😀

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