Solo Traveler #15: Blushes

Let’s talk about blush today. 🙂

I picked up the Elf Blush in the shade blushing at WalMart back in July for $2 ($9.52/oz). The color is this beautiful pink with lots of gold glitter. They don’t have a ton of shades but they have other, more expensive, blushes so I assume this is not a priority. I gave this blush a score of 17.

The brush that comes with it is trash. The bristles are soft but coarse and wiry at the same time. It picks up a ton of product (creating a ton of fallout in the process) but doesn’t apply well to the cheeks. Since it is flat, I guess that is understandable. The tiny mirror in the compact is okay but not incredibly useful if you are trying to see more than an inch of your face at a time.

For me, this color is way too light as a blush. I can use it as a highlighter though. I figured that out a few weeks ago when I was going through another purge of my makeup stash. I didn’t want to toss it out because it is so pretty. The glitter in this blush makes it work out for highlighting provided it is blended very well.

I love that this product doesn’t have any distinctive smell. That is a reoccurring theme in every review but it is very important to me. I need all the help in the world keeping my eyes from watering.

I was given this L’Oreal True Match Blush a very long time ago. It is in the shade Precious Peach and my best guess is that it cost $7.97 ($37.95/oz) from WalMart. I don’t know where it was actually purchased since it was a gift. I didn’t start using it until this year. I didn’t have anything to apply it anyways.

This is a lovely blush. I scored it a 15 and I use it frequently. It isn’t too pink and it doesn’t have any smell. There is fall out with this product but I guess that is expected to some degree. It doesn’t coat the air or anything like some other pressed powder products I’ve used. The color is good, despite it having sat in a draw for 2+ years.

I don’t reach for this blush as much as I should since I have a few other options. I think it should have rated higher than the Elf blush but that’s what happens when your company isn’t cruelty-free.

I saw the Ulta Velvet Blush in honey bunny while browsing and bought it for $9 ($75.00/oz) on a whim. I am so glad I picked it up. I scored it at a 20 on the Score Card.

The color is stunning… so long as I am not heavy handed. It isn’t a pink or peach hue I am used to. It has an almost plum look to it. If I use too much, I start looking like I’m wind burned due to the pink tone. It isn’t cute.

I love that this blush has almost no smell to it. It lasts for hours, with color still visible at 10-hours. It doesn’t dust up and that is always nice. I wish they had a few more colors in this product. Ulta can do better than 5 shades. I will definitely be trying other shades in the future.

I got the Japonesque Blush in shade 02 free with purchase on It is a sample size. The full size retails for $22.00 ($96.07/oz). Gah.

It is a great blush but I don’t know that I’d pay $22 for it. At least not in this shade. It is such a pretty peachy shade but it is an understated color that tends to fade into the rest of my makeup. If I were a touch lighter toned, I think it would be stunning. Then again, if I were braver and tried building it, it might be just fine too.

I don’t know how true my review is for the full size but the sample has almost no fallout, no smell, and the packaging is adorable. It is a flat matte black package with a magnetic closure. I love those things. I gave this blush a 19 on the Score Card.

There are a few blushes on my Wish List for 2017. I hope I get to try a few of them out. What is your favorite blush right now?


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