Missing, Again

I went out last night to get my nails done. It was a chaotic mess from start to finish. My makeup wouldn’t set right before I left. My car started having issues before I made to to the shop. My appointment was pushed back from 3:30 to 6 and then I still wasn’t taken back until almost 7. I didn’t get home until late and crashed soon after.

Just one of those days…

I got up this morning and started my normal routine. Morning skin care routine. Picked out my clothes. Got most of my makeup on when I realized my new lash primer is missing. I used it yesterday. I put it back in my mascara bag. I went to grab it this morning. It. Isn’t. There.

I looked everywhere. All over my desk, all through the rest of my makeup. On the floor. In the trash. In my purse. Under my bed. It isn’t here. Mom came in and looked when she heard me swearing and lifting my bed up. She couldn’t find it either. So either I’m losing my mind and I’ve put that damn thing in some place weird… or I have a 3rd piece of makeup missing. Before, I was mad but I shrugged it off. It was an ELF eyeshadow quad and an ELF mascara. No one will fess up to it but I made it very clear to both of these kids that my makeup is off limits.

This time, it was the Lancome Cils Booster that I just got for Christmas. I’ve used it twice. To replace it, I’d have to spend almost $26. No. I’m furious. I’m ready to freaking cry. It was a sample size, sure. But it was mine and I have no way of replacing it without spending a decent chunk of money. And I shouldn’t have to replace the damn thing. I told them my makeup was out of bounds and that should have been good enough. Dammit. And Mom’s “Oh it will turn up…” like that fixes everything. Hell. No. If it “turns up” I will be throwing it in the fucking trash. I will not share makeup. That is disgusting. I don’t want nasty eye infections from kids that won’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom and share their makeup with every other girl in their school. I don’t know how I can explain this to them any clearer. And you can’t sanitize mascara regardless.

Neither of the girls will fess up to it. Mom says she didn’t touch it. They are acting like I’m crazy to be mad over a sample size mascara. I can’t even speak to any of them right now, I’m that furious. I don’t go in Mom’s room unless she is home, I have her permission, she knows what I’m going after (usually a cold Coke that has to be hidden from the girls because they will open 12 a day otherwise), and I do exactly what I’ve said I’m doing then I leave. I don’t go in the girls’ rooms unless I’m hunting a cat. They aren’t safe to walk through anyways and I don’t feel like having a sprained ankle and listening to them cry about me stepping on something they love (yet was on the floor to be stepped on). I don’t know what makes them think it is okay to go in my room and go through my stuff.

I will be locking my bedroom door when I leave today. And every day after that. It is sad that it has to come to this. But I’m done with the makeup thieving. 😡


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