Solo Traveler #14: NYX HD Photo Concealer

I’m glad to have you back at the blog. Here is another review today. I have reviewed my entire stock of foundations, eyeliners, and now concealers with this review.

After the abysmal failures with E.L.F. concealers, I was hesitant to try out more concealers. I looked at the NYX HD Photo Concealer multiple times at Meijer before I finally broken down and paid $4.99 ($45.36/oz) for it. I picked up the shade beige. I am so glad I gave in. This product scored a 20.

It scored the same as Tarte’s Aquacealer. I like the chubby applicator of the Aquacealer better than the slimmer NYX applicator but that is only because I see it better and am less likely to stab myself in the eye with it. The NYX applicator, being slim, doesn’t lay down a ton of product. This may be a good thing for those of us that are heavy handed. Ahem. The main difference between the 2 products for me is the NYX concealer does not smell while Aquacealer lasts a couple hours longer. You get 3 times as much product out of Aquacealer but for 5 times the price. Hmmm…

The biggest takeaway is that this concealer works. It lasts about 10 hours. It comes in 8 shades and NYX has 3 color correcting shades in the same formula. If you can’t bring yourself to drop $26 on concealer, look at this one instead. It is affordable, works, doesn’t smell, and lasts a while.

Back in a while Puffins!



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