2017 Makeup Trends

I am having a lot of fun reading through some suspected makeup trends.

According to Elle, 2017 will bring us:

  1. Ditching liquid matte lips for lip gloss. I’ll let you have my liquid matte lipsticks but you will take my ELF Matte Lip Colors only when I’m dead.
  2. Retiring strobing, baking, and contour for breathable skin. I don’t do a ton of this so sure, why not?
  3. Dimensional lips with ombre effects and glitter. I never got onto the ombre train and glitter is the STD of makeup. And kindergartens. No thanks.
  4. Instagram brows are out. Straight boy brows are in. You know, I’m just trying to have brows so this is probably not going to work out too well for me in 2017.
  5. Unfinished eyeliner is a thing. Uh that looks horrible. Just skip the eyeliner then.
  6. Matching blush to eyeshadow to lip color. This may be a thing for the runway but in real life, you’re going to have cotton candy face. :/
  7. Pink everywhere. No. See #6.
  8. Shiny liquid liner is still going strong. Eh, shiny reads not dry to me so I’ll continue to skip this trend.
  9. Metallic eyeshadow. For those of us with sensitive eyes, I see a lot of red itchy eyes in 2017. This is probably another trend I’ll be skipping out on in 2017.
  10. Burgundy mascara. Hmm, I could be on board for this.

Erm… well, at least 2017 will be different. I guess. Add to this, from various places, glossy eyes (seriously?), graphic eyeliner, all pastel eyeshadows, and no-makeup-makeup are also big contenders in 2017. I don’t think I will personally be much of a trend setter in 2017 if this is the case. Oh well. 😀

Which trends are you down to try in 2017?


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