Solo Traveler #12: Gel Eyeliners

Apparently WordPress ate the content of this post and it has been up for an hour without any writing. My tags are here. The title is right. But the actual content is gone. 😦 Good thing I’m feeling human again after a full night of sleep. Watch, I’ll rewrite it and my content will magically appear. lol

I picked up the Kiss Gel Eyeliner and Stencil kit for $4.98 ($45.27) at WalMart. The price per ounce does not take into account that this includes a 6-wing eyeliner stencil or an eyeliner brush. It scored a 15. I’ve see several YouTube videos raving about this and wanted to try it out.

The stencil is cool, if a little unwieldy. If you are blind like me, you’ll have issues with it. I have to cram it to my face and hold a mirror with the same hand and then use a brush with the gel eyeliner and hope for the best. The brush it came with is way too soft to be usable. I think its shape and softness make it perfect for a lip brush though. I’ve lost it somewhere in my brush collection.

Kid 1 borrowed my stencil and lost it somewhere in her room. Eh. The one thing I was willing to share and she lost it the first time she borrowed it.

This black gel is way too wet. When you dip your brush in, you have to make sure you don’t push down to the bottom of the pot. Just tiny dabs or you’ll end up with a heavily loaded brush. Oh and the gel doesn’t ever dry. I sat under a fan for 5 minutes with my eyes closed and this product still smeared on my eyelids. I can smudge black eyeshadow on it to get it to dry but then I lose the crisp line I was after. 😦

This gel is in the box of shame. If you want the stencil, pick it up. It is less than $5. But otherwise, don’t bother with this one.

I had swore off gel eyeliners after the Kiss disaster. But on a whim, I picked up the Ulta Gel Eyeliner in charcoal from for $10.00 ($100.00/oz). I think I was trying to break out of that black or brown eyeliner thing I have going. This is a smokey gray eyeliner and it scored at 21.

What a difference this eyeliner is from the Kiss gel eyeliner. First, this is not a pot of squishy product. This is a bit more firm so if you dig your brush in, you get product but you don’t sink to the bottom. I use a stiff angled brush for this and it works well.

The drying time is not a problem with this one. It is dry within 30-45 seconds. It stays in place for 10+ hours. The color is beautiful. It doesn’t seem to care if my eyes are watering or not once it dries.

I will definitely go back for more of these soon!

Have you ever had content just disappear from wordpress? It was there last night. I don’t get it.


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