I’m Over 2016

2016 was a mixed bag kind of year.

I’ve had many blessings.

  1. I was hired to my awesome job in February.
  2. I got a clean bill of health for my last checkup for that medical scare a couple years ago in May.
  3. I got involved in makeup in July.
  4. I got a huge raise and went on my first all-expenses paid work trip out of town with a 2-night stay in a 5-star hotel in September.
  5. Mom had surgery in October and it was a complete success without any complications.
  6. I could actually afford decent Christmas gifts for my family in December thanks to extreme budgeting from August onward.

There have been some rough points too.

  1. Mom nearly died from complications from a surgery in January.
  2. My car started having a lot of expensive issues in June.
  3. I found out I had a really nasty abscess that had to be drained and excised in August.
  4. I hit a deer and the election happened in November.
  5. Our roof developed 3 more leaks (to the addition of the 1 we already had been dealing with) during a storm in December and I discovered another abscess that will need to be seen after the New Year.

So a mix of blessings and irritations. It definitely could have been worse.

I am incredibly thankful Mom got the medical care she needed in January that saved her life. I am equally thankful that we didn’t have a repeat of those issues in October.

My job is everything I’ve ever hoped to find and they let me be me within reason. They encourage my creativity, tolerate my OCD because it works to their favor, and patiently let me vent about my frustrations of living with teenage girls.

My car is old and struggling. I love him despite his near 200k miles, his stained upholstery, his holey muffler, his cross-eyed headlights, his hesitation to start in the mornings, his refusal to blow cold or hot air, his sticky accelerator, and most recently his deer-shaped ass print on the hood. He doesn’t have many miles left but I’m going to drive him until he gives up the ghost. The deer survived, by the way.

The roof was an expensive fix but it is fixed nonetheless and the roofer gave us a price cut because he is a school friend of Mom’s. He showed up when he said he would, did a great job in way less time than I expected, and cleaned up his mess. I can’t ask for more.

I don’t know what the abscess issue is about though. My doctor wants to run a full blood work panel when I get in to see her.

  • We ruled out MRSA with a culture of the first abscess.
  • I’m not on medications so that isn’t causing them.
  • I don’t have any burns, trauma, or surgeries that would be relatively normal causes of these stupid things.
  • I am a clean person that wears deodorant, regularly bathes, and washes my clothes but both abscesses are in locations that deal with sweat and friction so it could just be that.

Not that I want to continue dealing with this crap though so I went in a few weeks ago and told them about the new abscess. Diabetes, Lupus, Ulcerative Colitis, Chrone’s Disease, and cancer were potentials discussed by the nurse. So a full workup it is. Eh. The abscess itself is not an issue yet. It is just starting. It doesn’t hurt and there is no fever in it so they are not in a rush to deal with it yet. The implications of it worries me though.

So I will be starting off the New Year with scalpels but otherwise theoretical good health, the rest of my family being fairly healthy, a great job, a sickly but reliably running car, a new roof, and Stuff in a Powder Puff to keep me entertained.

How is your 2017 shaping up?

Have a very happy (and safe!) New Year’s Eve. Party responsibly and I’ll see ya in 2017 Puffins!



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