Solo Traveler #11: Felt Tip Eyeliners

We are still talking about eyeliners today. I didn’t realize I own so many freaking eyeliners!

I own 4 different felt tip liners. They are my favorite. They aren’t forgiving in application like crayons but I don’t have to work as hard to get a solid color payout. Liquid felt tip liners are my favorite since I can push a little harder with them and get the product into the fine lines of my eyes unlike brush tip liquid liners.

The first liquid eyeliner I ever bought was Almay Intense I-Color in brown topaz. It was $5 ($62.50/oz) at WalMart. I was still on that “browns look best on blue eyes” kick. It is really past its due date and should have been thrown away a while ago. But it works so I have kept it around. I scored it at 15.

The packaging is cute. It is in a sort of triangle shape, with the product well being a tapered pot and the pen sticking out the top. I can stand it on end without it tipping over. That fits well into my organizational OCD.

I have no idea how many colors this thing comes in. I don’t even know if they still sell it honestly. I’ve had it for years and haven’t looked for it in stores because of that. Despite its low score, I have kept it around. It is almost out so I’m not tossing it until it runs out.

I like it because once I put it on, it dries almost instantly. It doesn’t transfer to my eyelids and I appreciate that in a liquid eyeliner. It seems to last about 10 hours. The color is a bright brown. I don’t use it often because it is such a stark contrast to the black and black/browns that I like. Maybe that is why I’ve had it for a long time without running out of product.

One thing I will say for this product is that it has a long shelf life. I’ve seen a lot about liquids that dry up in the container after a while. I really have had this one for several years and it is just now showing signs of drying up. I think it is because it is close to empty, not because the product is just drying up.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner is in the same kind of container as the Almay eyeliner above. It was $8.49 ($106.13/oz) at WalMart and I picked it up in black last year for the container shape alone. However, I regret the purchase. It scored a 13.

This product just doesn’t work well for me. While it says it won’t transfer, I’ve found that it does. The dry time is quite a bit longer than the Almay liner and it gets onto my eyelid ever time I’ve tried it. It also breaks down around 8 hours, unlike the Almay one.

I appreciate that there are a few shades in this product to choose from but I just can’t do it. It is in the box of shame.

Too Faced Sketch Marker was the first high-end makeup I ever bought. It was $20 ($44.44/oz) at Ulta. I own it in black and deep espresso (brown). It comes in 12 shades though. I scored this at a 22.

I am a little biased here because I want to love everything about Too Faced. The packaging is simple but adorable. The founder, Jerrod, is adorable on YouTube. The damn dog is adorable. So, just putting that out there.

Aside from never being on sale, this product scored very high. I can’t ever find it on sale. Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong times. I paid full price for it and felt very guilty for a few days after.

But it is worth the price. It dries quickly after application so there is almost no transfer. It lasts 12+ hours on good days. If my eyes water in the first hour of application, this product will come off. But otherwise, it stays put. I need this in a waterproof version, for real. The color is intense and the pen itself makes application a dream. I’ve used it so frequently that the lettering on the pen is starting to wear off the black one.

Eventually, I want to pick up some of the other shades. I’m not into graphic eyeliner or anything but it would be nice to break out of the black and brown cycle I seem to be stuck in. I’m never going to be down for pink eyeliner but the navy blue and emerald green are not out of the question. I actually picked up the green one for Mom for Christmas this year.

I highly recommend this eyeliner.

I recently picked up the Ulta Felt Tip Liner for $9 ($600.00/oz) in an purchase. I was hoping it would be a dupe to the more expensive Too Faced Sketch Marker. In all, it works just about as well as the Sketch Markers. So long as I keep my eye closed for 30-45 seconds after application, it doesn’t transfer to my eyelids afterwards. It doesn’t last quite as long as the Sketch Marker but it works. With only 2 shades available, it is passable for the 2 Sketch Markers I own but is considerably more expensive looking at the price per ounce. I scored it a 19 so it will work if I’m running low on black or brown in the Sketch Marker and just have to save a bit of money that particular week. Otherwise, I probably will not repurchase it simply because it is expensive for the amount you get.

I’m on the lookout for new felt tip liners to try. What others should I try in 2017?


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