Compare the Wear #1

Welcome back to Stuff in a Powder Puff. This is the segment I’ve been waiting for!

I love trying products and comparing them based on price and quality. The price part is easy. Divide the cost by the size and you have the price per ounce. But quality is something that takes time to judge. I’ve been trialing products individually for months. Now is the time to compare products side by side. Despite getting sick during the last week of this trial, I think it turned out okay.

For my first Compare the Wear segment, I decided to compare eyeshadow primers. To make the most of my comparison, I used the same eye products each day. I went for high-end eyeshadows to make a good comparison. From Urban Decay’s Vice XX Lmt. Reloaded palette, I used Anonymous over the whole lid, Laced as my transition shade, Suspend to deepen the crease, Gash on the outer V, Shallow over the lid, and Oil Slick at the corners. I also blended Gash on my lower lash line and used Roadstripe on the inner corners and at my brow. I used Too Faced Sketch Marker in black for liner, Urban Decay Perversion Mascara in black for lashes. I don’t own any high-end pencil or crayon liners so I smoked out a Revlon Colorstay pencil in black/brown on my lower lash line.

The numbers in parenthesis are the scores each product received on the Score Card. Times on photos are rounded to the nearest half hour. I tried to take photos as soon as I finished my makeup and then at the 8, 10, and 12 hour mark. Some days varied depending on what was going on that day.


CTW A: Urban Decay Primer Potion (23) on the left eye; Too Faced Shadow Insurance (22) on the right eye. The 4pm one is not in black and white. It is just really bad lighting. Both eyeshadows were holding up well at that point. 6pm was a different matter. Both eye primers lost pigment at the 12-hour mark.

15556242_10100889749792649_829841544_oCTW B: Ulta Eye Primer (18) on the left eye; Elf Eye Primer (18) on the right eye. Off the bat, the Elf Primer creased before I could get it set. That was annoying. I got that fixed before moving on to the other eye. At 8 hours, I lost some Elf pigment. It normally creases by 8 hours. Ulta was fine. At 10 hours, I started seeing a slight bit of creasing on Elf’s side. Ulta lost pigment by then too. Elf died at 12 hours. Ulta still held out. The color wasn’t as vibrant but it was there and there was no creasing.

15608583_10100888387986719_1929464684_o CTW C: Ulta Eye Primer on the left eye; Too Faced Shadow Insurance on the right eye. Ulta started off with less pigment than Too Faced. I tried to apply them evenly so this confused me. By the 12-hour mark, Ulta had lost most of its pigment while Too Faced had only lost some. But neither one creased.

15725811_10100899032699629_373973148_oCTW D: Elf Eye Primer on the left eye; Urban Decay Primer Potion on the right eye. I’m off work today so I didn’t do a full face, just eyes. Thank God this was a stay-at-home day. It has been a struggle and I took my eye makeup off after 6 hours. In the beginning, it looked really good. Application was fairly even. But my right eye would not stop watering all damn day. Freaking allergies! And as you can see, I got seriously oily by noon. I wasn’t doing anything other than sitting around today but man my face is just pouring oil. Neither of these eyeshadow primers stood a chance in the end. On the Urban Decay side, what didn’t melt off from my watering eye was still doing great at noon and 3pm. I have no doubt that it would have looked great at the 8, 10, and 12-hour mark. The Elf side was struggling at noon and it just got worse by 3pm. Only it didn’t have much of an excuse beyond it being an oily day. When I saw it was creasing in addition to half my eyeshadow being gone on the other side, I just gave up. I’m tempted to redo this day. 😦

15824663_10100902861132419_1346771180_o.jpgCTW E: Urban Decay Primer Potion on the left eye; Ulta Eye Primer on the right eye. I left off eyeliner today. I cannot get my eyes to quit watering. I don’t think it is allergies and I don’t think I was pouring oil yesterday during CTW D. I’m getting sick. 😦 I didn’t make it quite 12 hours. We had to go out shopping. *shiver* I’m tired. My head hurts. Everything tastes like chemicals. Drainage. My throat hurts. My eyes are red and itchy. I. can’t. stop. sneezing. I have filled my little waste basket with tissues since we got home at 4pm. I just want to go to bed. So for the sake of my sanity, I cut this short at 11 hours so I could wash my face and go to sleep. Urban Decay survived. Ulta actually didn’t do too bad until it started creasing at the end.

15776360_10100900960371559_754771780_oCTW F: Elf Eye Primer on the left eye; Too Face Shadow Insurance on the right eye. I am officially sick. Sneezing. Sore throat. Occasional cough. Fever. I left off eyeliner in this one too. With me being sick and sneezing every 3 minutes, it will just make my eyes water more if I try to get close to my tear ducts. Both products survived to 8 hours. But um… where did my eyeshadow go on the Elf side at 10 hours? There wasn’t any creasing but a huge swipe of eyeshadow is just gone. I don’t think I wiped my eyes at any point. Too Faced struggled at 10 hours but there didn’t seem to be any difference from 10 to 12 hours for either side. They both look almost the same at 9pm as they did at 7pm. And that was after being sick all day and then moving furniture tonight. Kid 2’s bed is falling apart and we had to rearrange some bedrooms. It was not fun. I don’t understand why the lighting is so different. I’m sitting in the same place with the same lights in all 4 pictures. The sun had set by the 3rd picture. So if anything, picture 3 and 4 should look different than 1 and 2, not just picture 4. Grrr.

I thought putting on makeup yesterday and today would perk me up. Not so much. It just made me more frustrated and cranky. I’m going to take a break from makeup application for a couple days until I’m better. I have tons of reviews scheduled. I have even more left to schedule. I picked up some books yesterday and posted a picture of them today. I may get into them before January at this rate. I see a lot of hot baths, chicken noodle soup, and Gatorade in my future next couple days.

Time to sanitize everything. Brushes, makeup, my desk, my computer, everything. All of my bedding is in the laundry now. I hate being sick. My fever only lasted a few hours through the night and has already broken so I shouldn’t be shedding any kind of virus now. Thankfully during the last 3 days I was smart enough to have used the sample Perversion mascara so I am throwing it away. I don’t know how to sanitize mascara. I would have been pissed if I had to throw my full size one away. I’m slightly dubious about the Rimmel Lash Accelerator I’ve been experimenting with. I wasn’t feverish when I used it last night and I wasn’t coughing, sneezing or watery-eyed either. I think I’m going to keep using it. If I’m sick again next week, it will go in the trash and I’ll buy a new one. Ugh.

Don’t judge my eyeshadow/eyeliner application too harshly. I’m still learning and my eyes won’t stop watering. So which eyeshadow primer do you think won? Based on this Compare the Wear, I may need to reevaluate my eyeshadow primer scores. I’m almost out of Too Faced eyeshadow primer. Maybe since I was scraping the bottom of the tube, that affected it’s wearability? What are your thoughts? This was so much fun. I can’t wait to do another. What products should I compare next? Tell me in the comments!

Until next time Puffins!


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