Solo Traveler #10: ELF Eyeliner Pencils

Here is a review of E.L.F. eyeliner pencils. I only own 2 eyeliner pencils because I kind of loathe them. With crayons, I can smudge them so that they get closer to my lash line. Pencils don’t smudge as well for me. Maybe that is why I don’t buy these dang things. I didn’t buy either of the 2 I’m reviewing below either.

E.L.F. Kohl Eyeliner was a gift with purchase. I don’t remember when I got it. Normally, these things are $3 ($33.33/oz). It only comes in black. The pencil is chubby, which I kind of like. It has a sharpener in the lid and a smudger in the base. All good things. However, I wish the sharpener was not in the lid. The one time I tossed it in my purse, I ended up with pencil shavings and black gunk all in my purse at the end of the day. Ugh. So long as I’m not sweating much, this product lasts about 10 hours. If I’m sweating, it is gone in less than 8 hours. Something to consider. This eyeliner, despite my purse issue and general dislike of pencils, scored a 20. It is great for the price.

E.L.F. Eyeliner in black was also a gift from a well-meaning friend. I would never have bought it otherwise. This is $1 ($25.00/oz) from WalMart. I have only seen it in black. I can’t find it on the E.L.F. website so I’m guessing it is either retail only or discontinued. It didn’t score too bad at 17. It doesn’t have a sharpener or a smudger. My only real issue with this pencil, other than it being a pencil, is that it doesn’t stay in place. I get raccoon eyes within an hour or so when I use it. I tried it several times and then gave up. It is in the box of shame and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

What is one product that you tend to avoid and why?


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