I’m Finished!

Puffins, I’ve finally finished writing all the reviews for all the makeup that I had prior to starting the blog. 99 products reviewed. It took days.

A few of the reviews are quite short. Some a relentlessly long. I tried to shorten those the best I could but there is just so much to say about those products.

I’ve combined products in nearly every review. By my best guess, I should have all of them posted by the end of January. I don’t want to spam and since most of these are reviews of multiple products in 1 post, I want to post 1 a day. I will begin scheduling a few of them a day starting tomorrow. I hate canned posts but I think, in this case, it is necessary or I am going to get burned out on posting real quick.

Coming soon:

  • I have an ELF haul coming in early 2017. That Ben Nye Colorless Powder I got on Amazon will be included in that In the Box. I am very excited to share all that I bought. And find out what isn’t coming! Tracking says it will be here by January 7th so look for that post sometime on or after the 8th.
  • I will also have my first ipsy bag and morphe bag subscription in January to talk about. That is going to be all kinds of fun. I am patiently waiting to order my morphe subscription until after the ipsy bags begin shipping so that I can unbox them together.
  • In February, I will start up my new product reviews going over high-end mascaras, high-end lipsticks, and a highlighter I randomly picked up in that ELF order. Plus whatever goodies come in the ipsy bag!

Puffins, I am ending 2016 with a lot of pretty things but a growing box of shame. I’m happy and sad at the same time. Spring is just around the corner and it will be time to do another purge of my makeup kit. At least Kid 1 and 2 will be happy. 😀


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