Solo Traveler #9: Crayon Eyeliners

I realized, as I was writing Solo Traveler #8, that if I tried to review each item I have been trying out over the past few months individually and try to post 1 a day, I won’t get to newer purchases until May! So I’m going to combine similar type and quality items together for the sake of time and spam. The next few Solo Travelers are going to be about my eyeliner trials.

Let’s talk about drugstore eyeliner of the retractable crayon type. Liquid eyeliner may be my favorite eyeliners for color payout and wear-time but crayons are so much more forgiving.

Ulta Automatic Eyeliner in lace. This is white eyeliner that I use exclusively for my water line. It cost $8 ($800.00/oz). I hate that price per ounce. Ugh. It scored very high at 22 despite the price per ounce. The only drawback for this eyeliner is wear-time. Though it is probably due to color itself, it doesn’t last past 8 hours. They have quite a few shades. I wish it had a smudger on the end. It doesn’t affect the particular one I own because I’m not smudging my water line. But I am interested in the other colors and I’d really like to not need to dig through my brush collection for the smudge brush. Other eyeliners of this type that I own have a sharpener in the base that I wish this one had too.

Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner in brown/black and chestnut brown. I own 2 of these and have used them for years. They have been a go-to for a long time and the product lasts forever. They are $5.99 ($599.00/oz) at WalMart. That price per ounce is high but I love them anyways. They only scored a 15 on the Score Card though. From what I can tell, they only have 3 shades so that is a drawback. Also, Maybelline is not a cruelty-free company so they lost points for that. Like the Ulta eyeliner, they last about 8 hours before the color begins to break down. This crayon has a sharpener in the base along with a smudger. I always lose the cap to the smudger. Always. If you aren’t concerned about cruelty-free products and just need your eyeliner to stick for a few hours, these are great for the money.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in black/brown. This one is a bit more expensive at $8.99 ($899.99/oz) but they have a few more shades than Maybelline. Look at that price per ounce! All 3 of these products are 0.1 ounces of product. Good grief. The Revlon crayon last a bit longer than the other 2, with noticeable breakdown starting around the 10-hour mark. I gave them an 18 on the Score Card. They lost some points on the Score Card because they are not cruelty-free. This one has a smudger and sharpener in the base like the Maybelline one. I’ve lost the cap to that smudger too. Eh. If you need a bit more wear-time out of your eyeliner and aren’t concerned about cruelty-free products, then this is the one you need.

I love the retracting crayons for ease of use. I need to try more. Got any recommendations?


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