Out of Stock

I am eagerly awaiting that E.L.F. haul and woke up to an email today that it shipped!


“Due to inventory unavailability we were unable to ship…”

Yeah one of my items went out of stock while they were picking my order. Dammit.

It shows they are crediting me $1.50. That means it was one of the matte lip colors (grrrr), the mineral powder brush, or the small tapered brush. Everything I ordered was 50% off and those are the only items I ordered that retail at $3 regularly. It has a place to show which item didn’t ship but it is blank. I won’t know which one until the order gets here! I also don’t know if they are refunding my card $1.50 or if it will be held in credit on the website. I don’t care which. It would just be nice to know.

I’ve looked on their website. None of the items that I ordered show as out of stock. In fact, they restocked one of the matte lip colors that was out of stock when I made my order (praline). I already have it so I didn’t need another.

But I have no clue which item isn’t coming. Gahhhhhh.

If I have to guess, I’d say it will be the matte lip color in Scarlet Night. It was sold out a few weeks ago and had recently gone back in stock. I would prefer it be one of the dang brushes though. -.- The order is supposed to ship today at some point. Tracking doesn’t show a delivery date yet. Some time next week I guess. I got free shipping so I can’t complain about shipping time. I’m kind of impressed it only took ELF about 2 days to pick my order, actually. When I made the purchase it said to expect it to take anywhere between 5-7 days before it shipped due to the sale and they are shipping it just over 2-3 days later. Works for me.

My Amazon order shipped in 2 parts. I just wanted the Ben Nye Powder but I randomly added on a Real Techniques brush, taking my order to somewhere around $22. Then, at checkout, Amazon said they wouldn’t ship my brush until I place an order for $25+ because it is listed as an “add-on” item. What?! C’mon Amazon, just ship my stuff. I randomly added some cheap chocolate orange tea to take my total above $25 so I could get my dang brush. What shipped first? Yeah, the tea. It should be here today. The powder and brush will be here tomorrow. I really dislike this whole add-on item nonsense on Amazon. So much that I will likely not buy anything that says add-on unless I’m already spending $25 (rare).

Did you go in on any after-Christmas sales? Are you having issues?



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