Christmas 2016 Is Over

For our household, Christmas 2016 is at an official end. We just finished rounding up the surviving ornaments, stripping off the icicles, unwrapping the lights, and taking down the tree. We usually wait until after New Years but with the addition of the hellbeast Luna this year, we couldn’t wait to take the tree down.

I put 70 ornaments on the tree. 2  30-piece variety packs, 6 antiques, and 4 special ornaments given to us by Granny last year. Only 32 ornaments survived Luna’s 5-week rampage. Somehow… somehow… the antiques and special ornaments all survived. Probably because they were all near the top. I am so tired of chasing the hellbeast away from the tree with a squirt bottle and war cries of “No Luna! Bad cat!”

We’ve pulled ornament hooks and shattered pieces of ornaments out of the bottom of several feet and the vacuum in the past 5 weeks. We had icicles in every room of the house. Luna even managed to snap 2 of the lowest tree limbs off of an artificial tree. Those limbs are steel. What the heck, cat? The pitiful, broken tree is now in the trash. So long tree. You’ve been good to us for 5 years. ❤

Goodbye Christmas 2016. I would like to say I’ll miss you, but I wont. Like the rest of 2016, good riddance this year. Let’s meet again in 2017 under better circumstances, shall we?

When do you take your tree down?



2 thoughts on “Christmas 2016 Is Over

  1. I’m so sad to see Christmas go. It’s my favourite time of year. I honestly wish it could be Christmas all year round.
    We take our tree down Jan 1st. I will be sad to see it go haha. Hope you had a lovely Christmas ❤ 🙂


    • lol I normally enjoy Christmas. Not so much this year with this crazy cat. He is a kitten though so maybe next year will be better. Other than the tree, it was lovely. Thank you.🙂


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