2016 Makeup Pet Peeves

I was late to the makeup game in 2016 (July, that is) but I’ve been around long enough to have developed pet peeves. Here are some things I hope isn’t such a thing in 2017.

Dangerous beauty hacks. Seriously, do not use a knife to do your wing. You are 1 unexpected noise away from the ER. Melted crayons/colored pencils are not eyeliner replacements. Just because they are non-toxic does not mean they won’t hurt your eyes! Vagisil and Preparation-H are not formulated for your freaking face. Just don’t.

Makeup brushes with white bristles. I have quite a few E.L.F. and Wet N Wild makeup brushes. They are fantastic for the money. But the ones with white hairs drive me up a wall. Even after deep cleaning, some products stain them and they look dirty. Ahhh! Can all bristles be black please?

People that spam (part 1). So you are a [X] year old self-taught makeup artist? That is wonderful. Why are you spamming [brand]’s Instagram though? That is hella rude. You want followers? Do it the right way: get involved in the community with real conversations, develop your followers list by posting real content, and stop spamming for the love of all that is holy.

Brands that spam (part 2). You have this amazing product and you think I would be perfect for it? Cool. So why do you delete your comment 20 minutes later if I haven’t responded yet? Or not respond to the question I ask about your product? Better yet, why would you, as a sunglasses retailer, say I would be perfect to rep your product when I never go without my glasses? Maybe pay attention to your market a tiny bit better folks. I’m blind as a bat and cannot wear sunglasses.

Contests that require tagging friends. Yeah I’m not doing that. That is spam and I don’t like it. Sorry not sorry.

Makeup with x-rated names. Makeup is super fun. I enjoy it a lot. My kid sisters enjoy it too. But I cannot give a 13 and 14 year old mascara called Better Than Sex or X-Rated or lipstick called Heroin or Walk of Shame. I use these products. They don’t bother me because I’m a 32 year old adult. Can we take a tiny break on the drug and sex references please? I want to share beautiful things with these girls but I just can’t share some of these things until they are older. I know I’m being a prude. 😦

People that don’t take their makeup off at night. OMG. This drives me insane. I wear my makeup for 12+ hours most days. But I always take it off at night. Mom and both kids do not do this. I want to scream when I see them in the morning with racoon eyes. And then the kids cry about breakouts and Mom complains about wrinkles. Uh, well if you let your skin breath every once in a while…

People that don’t clean their makeup brushes. This drives me insane too. Mom refuses to use makeup brushes. She uses her fingers or whatever applicator the makeup came with or throw-away sponges. She at least tosses the sponges every couple weeks. Kid 1 bought about $30 worth of E.L.F. makeup brushes and WalMart brand beauty sponges in August with birthday money. She still hasn’t washed them. It has been 5 months! Kid 2 is just getting into makeup but I’m convinced it will be the same story all over again. Gagggggg.

Sharing makeup. This entire concept flips my ick switch. I let the girls dig through my box of shame periodically. But everything that goes in there is sanitized to the best of my ability: sharpening, scraping off the top layer, dipping in/spraying/wiping down with 91% isopropyl alcohol, etc. Kid 1 is in color guard and she is their unofficial makeup guru. She carries a makeup bag and does everyone’s full makeup before their shows. With the same brushes and sponges and other tools (that she hasn’t washed in 5+months). And she wonders why I don’t share my good makeup with her. Uh… I don’t want your friend’s pink eye or cold sores, thanks but no thanks. I also don’t share with Mom or Kid 2. They share with Kid 1 and I’m not about that life.

That is a lot of pet peeves. I can only tackle the last 3. I really hope I can break Mom and the kids of these behaviors in 2017 at least. What are your makeup-related pet peeves? Are any of mine just crazy to be annoyed by? Hit me in the comments Puffins!


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