We All Care About Skin Care #1

Happy Day after Christmas lovelies! And joyous Season’s Greetings to anyone celebrating (or not celebrating) some other holiday at this time. Welcome back to Stuff in a Powder Puff. It is Monday and I am off work all week! I ❤ my job. We don’t go back until January 3, 2017… and I get paid for each workday off. Score!

Since I’m off today, I thought I’d share my first post about skin care. Specifically, the products that I use.

I have sensitive skin and rosacea so I try to use stuff that is mild enough for my skin but actually does something for it too.

Cleanser: Every morning, I use facial cleansing wipes. I get the off-brand fragrance-free wipes from WalMart and can usually get them B1G1. If I am taking a shower that night, I use a cream cleanser. I try to get one with salicylic acid in it. S15515538_10100886194377729_1911177242_oalicylic acid is too harsh for my skin if used daily but since I shower twice a week, it doesn’t dry my skin up, irritate it, or cause a rosacea flair. But I tend to buy whatever is on sale so right now the off-brand I am using from the grocery store does not have salicylic acid in it. (Note that while I only shower twice a week, I do clean myself daily with body cleansing wipes. I’m pretty hygiene-conscious, just not into super dry and itchy skin, dry and flaky scalp, or 18-hours after a shower oily hair that showering more often gives me.)

Toner: I know I shouldn’t use witch hazel. It  causes rosacea flair ups. I only use it on my nose and around my mouth. That is where I tend to get acne. Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Toner is my current go-to strong toner and one bottle lasts me almost a year for how much I use. For my cheeks and forehead, I use Dermologica’s Ultracalming Mist. It was a gift. I certainly wouldn’t have paid $36 for it. But I’ve been using it for almost 3 months now and I’m not out yet. I can’t say it takes the redness out but it does get the heat out and makes my skin feel less tight when I’m in the middle of a flair. I use both of these products in the morning and evening.

Acne Treatment: If I see a spot coming up, I use a spot treatment at night. I get an off-brand 10% benzoyle peroxide cream and rub it directly into the spot. One tube lasts 6 months or longer. I only use it at night because this stuff dries down white if I use more than a teeny tiny amount and I don’t want that under my foundation. It is around $4 and it works!

Moisturizer: In the mornings, I use a generous amount of Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for sensitive skin. It has an SPF of 15 I think. It absorbs quickly and I don’t have to worry as much about sun exposure causing more rosacea issues later in the day. At night, I use Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream. This is a heavy cream and I use it sparingly. It isn’t formulated for sensitive skin so if I use too much, I will be broken out the next morning. Despite daily use, both of these products last months for me.

Face Mask: On shower nights, before I get under the water, I use a clay mask. I love Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful line of clay masks. There are so many different scents and formulas. I get ones that are suited for oily skin. Despite my allergies, the fragrances have never caused an issue because they are mild. My eyes will water if I get the mask too close to them though. This line is very inexpensive at Ulta and are often on a B1G1 sale.

Makeup Remover: Before my nightly skin routine, I get my makeup off so I don’t have to scrub my skin raw with a cleansing wipe or in the shower. I use makeup removing wipes in whatever brand I find at the time. Right now, I’m using makeup removing wipes I found at the Dollar Tree. They aren’t as good as the WalMart off-brand (DT ones are much thinner) but they were $1 so I can’t complain. They do take the makeup off so it works. For stubborn eye makeup, I use an oil-free eye makeup remover liquid. The one I’ve been using for the last 6 months is an off-brand from the grocery store. It wasn’t the most expensive thing here but it wasn’t cheap either. I’m running low on it so I will be switching to my DIY eye makeup remover soon.

You may have noticed a few things missing from this list. Eye creams. Vitamin C and other oils. Exfoliants. Yeah, I don’t use that stuff. I have yet to smell an eye cream that doesn’t immediately make my eyes water and my nose burn. I’m not into oils or serums yet. And I can’t use exfoliating products because rosacea says no. The closest I get is using a textured washcloth very gently to wipe my clay mask off twice a week. :/

What is your skin care routine like? Do you have a suggestion for an eye cream that won’t make me cry? Hit me in the comments! I’m off to get another cup of coffee and enjoy my week off! Stay merry and bright Puffins!


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