Solo Traveler #8: Flower Shadow Play Eyeshadow Quad

I seem to have a good mix of love it and nope reviews so far on Stuff in a Powder Puff. Let’s keep this ball rolling.

I picked up the Flower Shadow Play Eyeshadow Quad for $10 ($47.62/oz) at WalMart on a lark. I got it in the shade Secret Garden. I think Flower is a brand exclusive to WalMart but don’t quote me on that. They had tons of products available and this eyeshadow quad jumped out at me. The green colors are so pretty.

To start out, the compact is cute and the closure is magnetic. The eyeshadow wand is useless though. As most of them are. The eyeshadows swatched beautifully and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

And then I was sorely disappointed. 😡

Swatching these eyeshadows is one thing. But applying them with a brush is another. I tried different brushes and even tried a brush soaked in setting spray. Same results every time: tons of fallout in the compact and on my face but no color on my eyes. What the heck? I spent 20 minutes trying to build up a single color and it was absolutely sheer. If I turned my face in the light, I caught a glimpse of color and that was it. I washed it off and applied it with my fingers. Better color payout but as soon as I tried to blend the edges with a fluffy brush, it just went away.


So I dug that stupid brush back out of the shot glass that I keep them in and tried it instead. Another fail. I got some color payout but it was still horrible. Once I built up some color, I (very gently) used a fluffy brush to try to soften the edges and it swept all of the color away. Again.

Seriously? I was using Primer Potion and set it with powder. Why? Why can’t I make these beautiful colors show up on my face? Ugh!!!

I am rarely frustrated with makeup to the point of anger. Disappointment sure. But for some reason, this one just pissed me off. It is in the box of shame and I have sworn off the entire brand because it made me so mad. I scored it at a 10 and feel that was incredibly generous.

Does that seem unnecessarily harsh? Have you tried anything from the Flower brand that doesn’t suck?


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