Solo Traveler #7: NYX Matte Liquid Eye Liner

I love liquid eyeliners but I am the most impatient person in the world. I cannot let this stuff dry before I open my dang eyes!

NYX Matte Liquid Eye Liner is $6.99 ($116.50/oz). Yes, you read that per ounce right. Damn! I picked this up on during a sale but this particular product was not on sale at the time. It only comes in black. It scored a 17 on the Score Card.

When it is first applied, it is very wet. Duh, you say, it is a liquid eyeliner. Yeah, I know. The cool thing is that even if you apply it very heavily, it begins drying in just a few seconds. A heavy coat is dry within about 30-45 seconds. That is still too long for Miss Impatient Pants. That’s me if you missed it.

It covers the surface of the skin very well and it dries matte exactly as it says. The color is deep without patchiness. Once it is dry, rubbing it won’t make it budge for good while. It doesn’t smell either so that makes me happy.

However, the brush tip is soft so you have to really work to make sure you don’t end up with eyeliner halfway up your eyelid or toddlers-with-crayons waves. These kinds of brush tips require a steady hand. I don’t have that yet. Even resting my elbow on the table doesn’t work. Maybe with time, but for now, NYX Matte Liquid Eye Liner lost points due to the brush tip. It also lost points because it starts to break down around the 10-hour mark. I’ve been playing with it and realized it doesn’t actually get into creases in the skin very well so I’d say that is why it starts breaking up after a while.

If you have makeup skills and only need product to look amazing for 8 hours, this is the product for you. If you are a newbie or tend to work longer than 8 hours a day, you might want to consider a different product.

I definitely want to try out this formula with a felt tip applicator. I feel like if I could use a tiny bit more pressure then this would get into the creases better and wouldn’t break down before 10 hours. I wonder if they make that?


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