Solo Traveler #5: Too Faced NoFilter Selfie Powders palette

Merry Christmas and all that jazz. My grandmother’s Christmas party is in full swing. So far, the kids have gotten into 3 fights this morning. We spilled the baked beans in the car on the way here. We left a bag of the Dirty Santa gifts at the house so we had to turn around 1/2 way here.

Here is a makeup review to liven my mood.

I haven’t tried a lot of Too Faced Products. The NoFilter Selfie Powder palette was the 2nd Too Faced product I’d ever bought (my first being the Sketch Markers ❤ ). I saw some buzz about this last year but I was totally uninterested in makeup at the time so I really didn’t pay any attention.

I think it is a good thing I didn’t have the makeup bug back then. At full price, the NoFilter Selfie Powder palette was $36 ($85.71/oz) and I think I would have been very disappointed to have paid that for this product. At it is, I paid $12 for it at Marshalls and I’m still disappointed.

I scored this powder palette as a 16. I kind of think I was being generous.

There are 3 colors in this palette: yellow, lavender, and brown.

The yellow is supposed to brighten your under eye, the lavender is supposed to give you a hazy glow, and the brown is supposed to be a bronzer.

“Supposed” being the operative word. The yellow was too much on my skin. It made me look sickly. I couldn’t get any color out of the lavender or the brown. Don’t get me wrong, they swatch great. I had my doubts about the yellow in the beginning. It seems like adding yellow to my already pale skin would just make me look paler. I was right. I had this idea that the lavender would be an awesome highlighter. Nope, not so much. The bronzer is beautiful so I had high hopes for it too. Nothing.

Then, being the genius I am, I thought: well maybe since this is all about selfies, it only shows up in photos. Genius Dee, genius! I tried selfies with flash and without it. I tried it in the crappy yellow lighting of my bedroom, the blinding bright lights of the bathroom, and in natural semi-sunlight and full-sunlight. Um… it doesn’t work. The yellow didn’t show too bad in my already yellow lighting but when I went outside, I looked like I had jaundice. And no matter what, the lavender and the bronzer never showed up. 😦

All 3 of them have a ton of fallout and powder that just seems to coat the air. But the color isn’t right at all. I was very sad. I wanted to love this but I don’t. It is in the box of shame.

I can’t find this product on Too Faced’s website or in any of the traditional places I tend to look. Finding tons of them in the bargain bin at Marshall’s makes me think it has been discontinued. And for good reason it seems.

I guess this didn’t lighten my mood as much as I thought. I’ll try again in a bit to share a good product review.

Did you try this palette out when it was available? Did it work for you?


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