Solo Traveler #4: Hard Candy Sheer Envy Conceal & Correct palette

I picked up the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Conceal & Correct palette back in August. It is in a hard plastic palette, comes with a dual-ended brush, and cost $6 ($18.75/oz). The palette contains a yellow, green, lavender, and 3 concealer shades. I tried this product August-October.

Let me be honest: This palette is kind of horrible. I scored it a 12 on the Score Card.

I liked that it was in an easy to use plastic palette and the included brush was a plus too when I purchased it. At the first opening, I was relieved to find that it doesn’t have a noticeable smell. But then things just kind of went downhill after that.

The dual-ended brush looked promising. It wasn’t. The bristles have no give to them and only get worse once you add this greasy product to them.

The product is greasy and tacky and never feels like it has set. It always showed up under my foundation and powder as shiny lumps. 😦

The color selection has me pretty mystified too.

The yellow color says it “corrects dark circles & blue undertones” but it didn’t work. What didn’t blend away to nothing just sat there like a yellow lump. It is possible that I just don’t have dark enough circles for it to even out the color.

The green “redness relief” is a pastel green that always blended away into nothing. It literally wouldn’t cover the most mild of rosacea flair ups when I tried it. The more coverage I tried to build up to prevent the nothingness, the greasier the spot became until it was just a shiny lump that showed through my foundation.

The lavender “brightens & neutralizes yellow undertone” is actually pink to me. I can’t see where that would be useful on my skin at all so I haven’t tried it out.

The 3 concealer shades “mix and match to conceal” were meh. I mean, they didn’t cover anything. But they didn’t sit like greasy patches on my skin nearly as much as the other 2 cc colors I tried. They just blended away to nothing. The 3 concealer shades are almost identical, with the innermost shade being a hair darker than the other 2.

So this product was a total failure for me. It went into the box of shame, little stiff brush included.

Have you tried this cc palette from Hard Candy? Please tell me you got better results and I just got a bad one. That would make me feel a lot better.


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