Solo Traveler #3: ELF Color Correcting Stick

I’ve been trying out all my Christmas gift lipsticks and mascaras. I am now up to 104 products scored, with 6 more to go. I’ll start playing with 2 of them tomorrow. Until I get the final scores up, here is another product review!

I don’t do much color correcting in my makeup routine. I stick to green to cover redness on my forehead, cheeks, and around my nose from rosacea a few times a week when I’m having a flair up. On the daily (being days that I wear makeup that is), I use it to cover a small cyst on my left cheek that is permanently bright red.

I always reach for the E.L.F. Color Correcting Stick in green that I picked up in October. It blends beautifully, isn’t patchy or greasy, and most importantly, actually works!

The E.L.F. Color Correcting Stick was $4 ($36.36/oz) and I haven’t even worn down the tip yet from almost daily use over 2 months. Don’t let the 0.11 ounce size fool you – It is retractable and there is a ton of product in there so long as you aren’t covering your entire face every day. It isn’t greasy and it doesn’t smell! It got an 18 on the Score Card and would have scored better had I caught it on sale instead of when it was first released.

Aside from the green stick, E.L.F. also has a lavender stick (to correct yellow skin), light red stick (to cover dark circles for those with light skin tones), and dark red stick (to cover dark circles for those with deep skin tones). The ones for dark under eye circles look more like concealer colors to me than the red cc I’ve heard so much about. I don’t have much issue with under eye circles that my foundation/concealer can’t cover and I don’t have yellow spots that I know of so I haven’t tried the “red” or lavender ones.

If you are struggling to find a green cc to help cover redness, I highly recommend this stick.

Have you tried the other colors? What did you think? Do they work?!


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