Santa’s Coming Tonight!


Mom’s Gifts: A new set of house phones, Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, and Too Faced Sketch Marker in green.

Welcome back to Stuff in a Powder Puff. I wonder if that is getting old yet. 🙂

It is Christmas Eve! I am so excited for tonight. We have a very busy day tomorrow at my grandmother’s Christmas party so we are doing gifts tonight. 😀  Mom… uh… doesn’t know I wrapped my empty boxes. Shhhhh. 😉


My empty boxes: Sephora Favorites Lash Part and Give Me Some Bold Lips sets, Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, E.L.F. Matte Lip Colors in Tea Rose, Natural, and Rich Red, E.L.F. lip exfoliator, and Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara.


Kid 1’s haul: Urban Decay Shadowbox and Primer Potion, a Kat Von D mini lip/nail kid, tons of other makeup from E.L.F., skin/hair care stuff, hygiene essentials, an umbrella, gloves, socks, and a hoodie.


Kid 2’s haul: E.L.F. full face palette & her first makeup brushes (combined equal $ value to the Shadowbox), Urban Decay Primer Potion, a Kat Von D mini lip/nail kid, tons of other makeup from E.L.F, skin/hair care stuff, hygiene essentials, an umbrella, gloves, socks, and slippers.

I’ve been picking up things along the way since August. Most of it is essentials we purchase throughout the year anyways. Now maybe I can get a reprieve of being asked for hair ties every single morning, at least for a month or so. And maybe they will stop begging to use (…waste…) my face masks now that they have their own.

I got those masks on a B1G1 free sale at Ulta a few months ago. 2 for me at regular price and 1 for each of the girls for free. I’m down for that kind of deal. Quite a bit of the E.L.F. stuff came free in my other purchases and I stashed them away for the kids. I did pay for the Shadowbox and the E.L.F face palette/brushes purposely though. I picked up the UD Primer Potions for $8 each (regular $20) during Black Friday.

The lip gloss, loofahs, body spray, razors, deodorant, toothbrushes, and toothpaste came from the Dollar Tree. The hoodie, slippers, socks, and umbrellas came from WalMart. Easily, those are the most expensive things here. My guess is most of my $100 gift item budget (per kid) went to WalMart. And I spent 5 months gathering all that stuff. Not to bad on the wallet this year. I averaged about $20/month/kid and they have a ton of stuff to open. Yay!

They are also getting money this year from Mom and Me. They each have $200 in cash ($50 from me and $150 from Mom for each of them). Mom did the same thing I did… put away about $15-$20 for each kid each month for the last 5 months. We make budgeting work like champs. 😀 We have split the Christmas giving to the girls every year for a long time. It is kind of strange, this arrangement, but it works for us.

I legit stuffed $50 in $1 bills inside each of those umbrellas. lol I know, I’m mean. 😀 There are also $5, $10, and $20 bills inside various things like the hoodie/slippers, the gloves, Shadowbox/E.L.F. full face palette, etc. They will be happy with what they get.  And instead of me going out shopping for clothes they won’t like or books they wont read or toys they won’t play with, I’m just giving them cash. I will have to deal with them begging to go shopping for the next week but at least I can take them to the mall/WalMart and sit in the food court with a book while they do the horrible part this year.

The only thing they won’t be thrilled about is the socks. Mismatched socks were such a trend for a while so that worked for our household. The girls can’t ever keep track of their socks and I hate matching socks in the laundry. So we have had a communal sock basket in the laundry room for 3 years. Grab 2 socks and go! But this past year has been more difficult. I am working in a professional place so bright colored and mismatched socks are a bit out of place. I bought white and black socks in the summer and haven’t touched the sock basket since. The girls are a bit older and “over” the mismatched sock trend so finding socks in the morning is a struggle. They complain every day that they can’t find socks. I got them 20 pairs of socks each, all black. I don’t dare get white because they will have them ruined in days. After Christmas, we are going to catch the laundry all the way up, go through the sock basket 1 final time and match up what we can, then I’m dumping the rest of those dingy mismatched socks in the trash! It will feel good for me. The girls, not so much.

I am off work until January 3rd so I’m going to be posting a bunch of my reviews this coming week. I’ll save some for further into January so I’m not spamming but I’m excited to share my reviews with you!

What is under your tree tonight Puffins? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, what do you celebrate instead? I know there are a ton of holidays around this time. Is there something unique your family does as a tradition? I wanna hear about it! Hit me in the comments. ❤


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