50% off ELF Storewide

I wasn’t planning to make a new makeup purchase until mid/end of January. But…

E.L.F. is running a Boxing Day 50% off special with the code boxingday. The exclusions are supposed to be new and sale items. However, I found some items marked as “new” were also included in the sale. This includes their bubble mask that I’m hearing so many good things about! I got $61 worth of product (15 items) for $30.50 and I got free shipping because my order was over $25. Score!

I totally picked up 7 more of the matte lip colors. I only need to get coral now. It was back in stock a couple days ago and is already sold out. Again. What the heck people? I need that lipstick dangit. I also got a few more brushes (E.L.F. brushes are great for the money, seriously), an eyebrow pencil, and a few other items.

I also ordered Ben Nye’s No Color Powder from Amazon because I got a gift card and it was on sale for $18, down from $25 for 3 ounces of powder. That seems like a lot of powder to me.

These should all arrive in the next couple weeks. Since the Amazon order is just 1 powder, I’m going to combine it with this E.L.F. haul. I really am trying not to spam ya’ll. So be watching out for that haul folks!

Merry Christmas Puffins!


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