In the Bag #3

My Christmas present came today!


Remember that shopping trip I had to take where I was buying my own Christmas present from Mom with her money? Then I found out the item I was wanted was not actually sold at Sephora in J.C. Penny? Yeah, I was sad. I wanted the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Bold Lip lipstick sampler set. I ended up picking up the Sephora Favorites Lash Party mascara sampler instead. But I really wanted that bold lip set. So I ordered it when I got home. I paid half and Mom paid half. It is a very good thing I ordered it when I did. It was sold out on the next day! I wasn’t even sure that I would get the bold lip set after all. Sweet relief that it came today and my set is here! ❤

I uh… also bought some new powder puffs. 😀

So I have the bold lip set in that awesome lip-shaped box. Below that is a pair of Cinema Secrets delux powder puffs. The rest are samples I was sent with my order: Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation with SPF 15, a paper Smashbox foundation and concealer sampler (which I will never use… seriously, other than color matching, what is the point of these things?!), Atelier Cologne fragrance in Clementine California, and Marc Jacob’s fragrance in Daisy.

I’m swatching them and then wrapping them like a good girl. Tomorrow is my last day of work until January 3rd so I have plenty of time to play with lipstick. ❤ Keep watching for Unboxed #3 and Swatch Me #3 Puffins. I’ll have those up soon!


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