I’m Playing Today Smart

My makeup failed by lunchtime yesterday. Mostly from sweating profusely. I was sad. I had my lipstick in my purse to fix that, but the rest of the face just couldn’t be helped. I hate reapplying makeup at work. I don’t mind touching up lipstick after lunch but otherwise, I’m too busy to deal with the rest. 😦

I have 5.5 shelves left to put together, another desk to get out of room A, and all of Room C and Room D to deal with. I will have help today but the temp and warehouse guy are going to be muscle, not brains. I have to decided where it all goes and in what logical order it should move to minimize multiple trips of the same item. Maybe it won’t be quite so sweaty. But it will probably be just as bad as yesterday.

So today I’m playing it smart. I did my whole skin care routine like usually. Then, I threw on some Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint and an E.L.F. Matte Lip Color in berry sorbet. That is it. I can throw both of them in my purse and touch them up as I need. Now I don’t have to worry about my eyeshadow creasing within 2 hours from sweat, my foundation rubbing off onto my shirt and then melting off, etc.

I’ve got this. I think. I just want this project over with! Maybe I’ll post a picture of the new room when it is finished. In January. 😀 Wish me luck Puffins.


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