Solo Traveler #1: ELF Concealers

Stuff in a Powder Puff hitting you with the first of many makeup reviews!

I don’t intend to review multiple products in a single review very often. However, I tried several versions of concealer from E.L.F. Cosmetics and they were uniform failures. 😦

Here are the three I tried:

  1. Perfect Blend Concealer in light beige $2 ($2.94/oz)
  2. Cover Everything Concealer in light $2 ($28.57/oz)
  3. Concealer in Ivory $3. ($27.27/oz)

E.L.F has 10 concealers listed on their website. 1 of those is a color correcting palette and another is color correcting sticks. So I’m not counting those. Down to 8 products. I have tried 3/8 and they all 3 failed miserably – all for the exact same reasons: they blend away to nothing and conceal nothing. Cover Everything Concealer (#2 above) scored a 12 on the Score Card. The other two scored a 13.

I used half the stick of Concealer (#3) trying to get coverage that didn’t blend away over the course of 2 weeks. Same for the bottle of Perfect Blend Concealer (#1). I hit pan on Cover Everything Concealer (#2) in less than a week. I kept wanting to love them so I kept trying. It just didn’t work out. 😦

What is left of these are in the box of shame. I have mixed feelings about trying the other 5 concealers from E.L.F. but I want one of them to work. I had very good results with the Color Correcting Stick ($4) that just came out. Maybe the Beautifully Bare Lightweight Concealer Stick ($4) will work similarly. I thought I might be able to compare the HD Lifting Concealer ($3) to NYX’s HD Photo Concealer ($4.99) but the shades are all wrong (fair looks way too pink and light looks way too dark). When I get brave enough to give E.L.F. concealers a try again, I could check out the Maximum Coverage Concealer – Oil Free ($3) if they ever get Nude back in stock.

Have you had any luck with E.L.F. concealers Puffins? Is there some trick I’m missing to get these to work? I’m not opposed to digging something out of the box of shame to try again if I learn something new! Hit me in the comments!


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