I Made A Mistake

I miscalculated just how much time this project at work is going to take.

  • There was a lot more stuff in the room than I thought. I pulled out 15 totes of PC components. 15?! Exactly how many RJ45 cables do we need? I made 2 different trips to the store for totes.
  • Those desks are much heavier than I expected. I can’t even budge a corner of one.
  • The new shelves do not assemble in minutes, despite what the box claims. 😡
  • The temp did not finish his project in 6 hours today.
  • My makeup didn’t even make it to lunch, let alone the end of the day.

I accomplished mostly emptying Room A, moving the bookshelf and swag to Room B, and I built 2.5 out of 8 shelves. All of the totes are in the hallways along with 1 of the desks. Our tech guy is coming in January to help me sort out the PC component mess. So it is staying in the hallway until then. Blah. The temp has about 30 more minutes left on his project tomorrow then he will be helping me finish building the new shelves, moving parts, and moving shelves/desks tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers we can get most of it accomplished by the end of the day. Whew!

I need a shower, a manicure, and a massage immediately. See ya tomorrow Puffins!


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