Ulta Matte Lip Crayon

Hey folks. Just a quick trip here at Stuff in a Powder Puff. I’m at work on a break and I’m bothered. I just need to complain for a minute. I will do an in depth review on the Ulta Matte Lip Crayon I bought last week soon. But for now, just look at this picture.

15592569_10100891968835669_1672509350_n At the top you see what it looks like freshly applied at 7am with ColourPop lippie primer. The middle picture was at 9am. Seriously. I reapplied every hour yesterday. It never dried down matte. It kept bleeding off onto my cup. For comparison, the bottom is my freshly washed and exfoliated lips. The color difference is almost nothing. What the heck?!

At this point, this product has scored a solid 15 out of 25 on the Score Card. I’m so disappointed. It swatched so well and I had high hopes for it! I want to give it a chance and try it a few more times but I’m very tempted to pitch it into the box of shame. 😡 Until next time Puffins!


One thought on “Ulta Matte Lip Crayon

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