Putting Kat Von D to the Test

I have a busy and sweaty next 2 days ahead of me at work. My Lock-It Foundation may not make it. Here is a summary: I have to rearrange 4ish rooms with heavy furniture and only have help for less than 2 days to get it done. This really has nothing to do with makeup. :/

I am converting our tech/swag storage room into a fancy display room at work. The engineering manager has decided that he needs our sample room to do occasional rework on parts. We have an inspection room where we do inspections and rework. He doesn’t like that and wants the 2 actions separated. Sometimes, rework requires grinding parts and he is afraid the debris in the air may negatively affect some of our more delicate inspection equipment. Sounds reasonable to me. Guess who gets to figure this out? Heh.

  • Room A is a storage room (unused office) full of electrical equipment (PC cables, retired monitors, software, and a printer older than me), work swag, 2 full size antique wooden desks, and a small 3-shelf bookshelf.
  • Room B is rarely used as a conference room. It has a whiteboard and cork board on the walls, a chalkboard on an easel, a small round table, and 3 chairs.
  • Room C is our inspection room. We have 2 desks, 2 large utility cabinets, a surface plate, 2 chairs, and a few piles of random items that don’t fit anywhere else.
  • Room D is currently our sample room. We have three 6’x3’x2′ utility shelves full of samples, an empty 7-shelf metal bookshelf, a table, a chair, a wash sink, and a 6′ long tool chest. Oh, and somewhere around 300 sample parts of various sizes and delicate finishes filling every surface of those shelves.

I need to empty everything out of Room A.

The bookshelf and swag can go in Room B. I’m going to hide all the electrical equipment in totes and stash them in an unused hallway. 1 desk is going in Room C and the other is going in Room D. I have to build and install 8 new shelves in Room A then I can move all the parts out of Room D into Room A. I can technically wait to put the samples on the new shelves until we get back from Christmas break in January. Voila, done!

Not really.

I have to move the 3 very large shelves out of Room D to a room on the other side of the warehouse, move a specific desk (it has a flex arm mounted on the desk) out of Room C into Room D, and then rearrange Room D into a usable rework room.

Then I have to rearrange Room C so that it is a usable inspection room.

Those old shelves are being filled with overflow parts from the main warehouse. I can put that off until January too.

I have no idea where that ancient printer is going to go. Oy.

I only have our temp until the end of the day on Thursday. I cannot move the desks and metal shelves by myself. I don’t even know that I can participate in moving the furniture. That crap is heavy. And I am universally known as a klutz. I have the temp and maybe one of our warehouse guys at my disposal all day on Thursday to move crap around. They are going to hate me.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m going to attempt to help. But I’m not very strong and if the bosses see me moving furniture while I have young guys at hand (and could potentially cause a workman’s comp claim due to my inevitable injury), I’m going to get a lecture about using my resources wisely as I am supposed to be a supervisor. Again. I hate making them do this kind of stuff. I don’t mind hard work. I just don’t want a broken finger in the process.

I’m honestly surprised they agreed to let me try to put the new shelves together by myself. Then again, I’m surprised on a daily basis that they let me use delicate measuring instruments and box knives too. Last month, I nearly broke my foot with a tape gun. Seriously.

Wish me luck Puffins.


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