My Makeup Library

Hey, welcome back to Stuff in a Powder Puff! It is Monday. My weekend was definitely not long enough. Bedtime isn’t close enough.

Let’s talk about makeup so that my brain will perk up and not be mush tonight! Yeah?

I ❤ makeup. There are some products that I love more than others. Mascara has a special place in my heart. Lipstick (matte lip crayons, specifically) are my #2. But I use a little bit of everything.

Primers are a glamazon’s best friend. I use green color correcting facial primers. I use eye primers. I use lip primers. They are amazing and I am always on the look out for new ones to try.

Speaking of color correcting, I do use a small amount of color correcting in my normal routine. I use green cc to cover the cyst on my cheek because it is permanently bright red and spot cover redness around my nose and between/around my eyebrows when it is necessary. There is a spot above my left eyebrow that is chronically red. I don’t understand it. Green cc helps. I haven’t used any of the other cc colors though. I don’t know what they are for actually.

Foundation used to be such a pain for me. Until recently, I was always so unhappy with foundation. It’s too dark. It’s too light. It looks so heavy. It is too pink. It is too orange. It is streaky. Ugh! I use full coverage because of redness. (Notice a theme yet?) I thought my shade was light with pink undertones. I recently went to Sephora and had them use their handy computer to get a Color IQ done. For Sephora, my shade is 1Y07, a light-medium beige with neutral undertone. What?! I was doubtful but the clerk did my face up in a light-medium beige foundation from Tarte ($39) and I was sold… the match is spot-on! I know Estee Lauder has a color match tool too. I need to try to find a location that does that to see if I get a different color match. The clerk at Sephora also took the time to show me how to apply foundation with a brush. I still suck at it, but I’m getting better. Foundation has become so much more fun!

I have a love/hate relationship with concealer. By the time I get to this step, past-me wants to jump in and freak out about how much stuff I’m putting on my face. With the new (good) foundation that I’ve been using, I typically only need to use concealer under my eyes to give them a slight brightness. If I’m having a breakout that isn’t covered up by all the green cc, I’ll use concealer sparingly. Also, I have finally figured out how to use concealer to fix liquid lipstick issues so I use it near the end of my routine sometimes too. I do not use concealer around my eyebrows though.

Setting powder is such a ridiculous thing. It gets everywhere! I don’t change out of my pajamas before my makeup is finished because of setting powders. Gah!

Contouring has such a dang learning curve. I have cream sticks. I have powder compacts. I struggle with both. I blend it out too much and it is gone so I have to reapply. I don’t blend enough and I have a harsh streak. I cannot explain how many times I’ve discovered 2 hours into work that I’ve forgotten to blend my jaw line or something ridiculous. I think the contour sticks look so much better than the powder. But man, if I forget to blend it and put powder over it, it’s done. I either have to deal with the streak or wash my face. Powder is more forgiving. I can blend it with my fingers if I catch a booboo later during the day.

Blush is a new thing for me, kind of like contour. I have a round face so I try to keep it off the apples of my cheeks. Beyond that, I don’t really know what I’m doing. Some blogs/videos say to sweep it above the contour into the hairline. Some say to sweep it from the top of the cheek to where the natural line of the eyebrow would stop. There is so much conflicting information.

I like highlighter. I go to town on the tops of my cheeks. I smudge a bit on the bridge of my nose and sweep it over my eyebrows and use whatever is left on my cupid’s bow. It is so pretty.

Bronzer is a fickle beast. I’m not entirely certain I’m even using it right yet.

Of all my makeup, I have more eyeshadow than anything else. It is an obsession in and of itself. The only eyeshadows that I don’t like are glitter. Loose glitter, especially, is a nightmare that I will not face. I can live with shimmery eyeshadows but much beyond that is a nope.

I’m definitely struggling with eyebrows. I’m getting more confident with everything else in my routine. But not the eyebrows. My eyebrows are kind of patchy, a bit on the thin side, and uneven. I over plucked my eyebrows as a teen/early 20 year old.  My right eyebrow looks decent. My left eyebrow is a mess though. Gah! Other people don’t notice it like I do but every time I see it, it pisses me off. I’ve tried pencils, waxes, and gels. So far, I’m not happy with any of it.

Eyeliner is wonderful. Too bad I am bad at applying it. I cannot do a wing to save my life. And when I do manage a passable one, I’m too self-conscious to keep it on. There is just something about a winged eye on me that makes me feel like I’m a kid playing in Mom’s makeup. I’ll get passed it one day. For now, I just don’t do fancy stuff. I tend to use black eyeliner on my eyelids most of the time. I think gels look the best but I always end up smearing it on the top of my eyelid because I’m too impatient to let it dry completely! I like white eyeliner on my water line but I’ll use a kohl liner from time to time too. The worst part about eyeliner is that it is ruined if my eyes are watering and tends to destroy the rest of my eye makeup in the process.

I was not obsessed with mascara until recently. I use black or black/brown mascaras out of habit. L’Oreal ($6) was a favorite. I’ve used it for years. I have a couple different Elf mascaras ($3) that were sent as gifts with purchase. I got an Ulta mascara ($10) a few months ago and decided that was my go-to mascara from then on. Until I got a high-end mascara. Life has changed dramatically. I got a sample of Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara. Before I tried it, I laughed at the idea of spending $22 on mascara. But this sample won me over. I bought a full size… at full price even! I’ve actually convinced Mom that this mascara is worth $22 too. She is getting one for Christmas. Perversion has got me thinking that I should try some other high-end mascaras soon.

Lip liner is a basic staple that I think every makeup user should learn to use. I love it. I’m learning to use it with a steady hand. I’m getting braver with color combinations of lip liner and lipstick. I don’t always match the two anymore. It is a fun creation process of finding coordinating colors. I just need to buy more. I have maybe 8 different lip liners. So not enough. 😉

Lipstick is something that I never thought I’d love, let alone that I’d love bold colors! I have more lipsticks than any one person needs. I’m going to buy more though.

Finishing spray is a new thing for me. I haven’t tried many brands and I’m not sure I see the effects of it or if primer is doing its job. I use it anyways because everyone says I should. I’m uncomfortable with just how wet it is when I spray it on. I would probably be more comfortable with an aerosol but then I’d be destroying the planet so I can’t win that fight.

So what did I leave off the list? Am I missing out on anything cool? Wanna explain those other cc colors? Let me know in the comments below. I might have to get out of my box and get a new box or two! Later Puffins! 🙂


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