Unboxed #2

And you’re back with Stuff in a Powder Puff! I opened all of my gifts. It was so much fun!

So you already knew I opened the Carmex. Kid 1 was suffering and I wasn’t going to make her wait until I had time to sit down and write this up as I opened everything. Carmex is a wonderful medicated lip balm. I hope she gets some relief soon. The 3-pack was $2.74.

The Wet N Wild sharpener isn’t exactly thrilling. I just needed a larger size sharpener. It was 93 cents. A freaking steal!

I picked up the Sephora Favorites Lash Party gift set for $30. 3 of the mascaras are on my 2017 wish list so this was perfect! They are all in black and all of them are sample sizes.

  • Lancome Cils Booster XL- I haven’t even heard of this thing. I don’t know what it is for. I assume it is some kind of lash primer. I’ll have to do some research before I do anything with it. It has a nice full-size regular spoolie. I like the regular spoolies vs. the weird shaped plastic ones. This thing smells very strongly like flowers.
  • Makeup For Ever Excessive Lash – This mascara wand confuses me. It has the bristle hairs that I like but they are super short. Why? It smells slightly like flowers. Not as bad as the first one though.
  • Benefit They’re Real – This mascara was on my 2017 wish list. The spoolie is one of those plastic ones. And it has slightly longer bristles on the very end plus a rounded tip that juts out the end. It kind of looks like a really long pineapple. I don’t know how I feel about that. It doesn’t smell bad though.
  • Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint – First off, this bottle is WEIRD. You turn it to unclick it a fraction of a turn and then you just pull the whole thing out. I initially thought I broke the tube. This one doesn’t smell too bad but the plastic spoolie makes me suspicious.
  • Smashbox X-Rated – This mascara was the 2nd one on my 2017 wish list. If I had know how strong it smelled, it might not have been on the list. It smells almost as strong as that Lancome Cils Booster. But the spoolie is the kind that I like so I’m hoping the smell doesn’t make my eyes water.
  • Too Faced Better than Sex – This was the 3rd mascara on my 2017 wish list. I’ve heard so many good things on this mascara. I hope it doesn’t let me down. The spoolie is the kind that I like but it is shaped weird. Higher on the ends and shorter in the middle. I’m sure that has some purpose. But it looks hella weird.
  • Urban Decay Perversion – I already have this mascara and it is my Ride or Die. It is perfect. The spoolie is the kind that I like. The smell isn’t strong. It goes on like a dream and lasts until you take it off. Ugh I ❤ it so much.

The Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation was not a planned thing. I just happened to be watching a demo of it on another customer and I loved how it looked. It was $35 and I picked up shade 48 light natural. I couldn’t figure out if I was in 42 or 52 so the sales lady suggested I get something in the middle. It is a beautiful color match! It comes in a normal, easy-to-open box. I appreciate that simplicity. The pump is interesting. The little lid over the spout pulls straight out. I almost broke it thinking it flipped up. Oops.

The Elf lip colors were $3 each. I picked up Rich Red, Tea Rose, and Natural to add to my collection. Elf boxes, while not looking like your typical drugstore box, are annoying as hell. You cannot open these stupid things without ripping the packaging. 😡 This lipstick is my Ride or Die. The formula lasts all day, goes on smooth, doesn’t have a heavy floral smell, and is super cheap. ❤ ❤ ❤ Also, none of these were smooshed into the top of the lid like the Praline one I picked up from Ulta last week.

The Elf lip exfoliator was also $3. I love this thing. I have worn my last one down to a nub and it was time to repurchase. It has a slight sugar smell but it isn’t overwhelming. It comes in an annoying to open box too though.

The Physician’s Formula Organic Wear mascara was $8.74. It was on my 2017 wish list. The design of this tube is strange. A lot of curves. I guess, since it is organic, it is supposed to look like a branch and leaf. Sure. The spoolie is one of those plastic ones that immediately make me go ugh! Maybe one of these mascaras will make me not hate those kinds of spoolies.

I did not actually buy the Ferrara Chocolate Orange. Mom surprised me with it when I got home last night. I highly recommend it!

That’s it for now Puffins. I’ll be posting swatches of the Elf lip colors and the foundation in a few minutes!



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