I’m Going Shopping Today

Hey, welcome back to Stuff in a Powder Puff! Anyone wanna go shopping for me? This may come as a total surprise but I hate shopping in a brick & mortar store. I don’t want to be there ever. Unless it is books, art supplies, or makeup. Then I can probably survive 30 minutes in the physical store.

Today, I’m headed to the Dollar Tree. I have to pick up our Dirty Santa items for next week’s Christmas party. I’m getting a solid mix of gag gifts, useful household items, and unique gifts. I love doing it every year. I just hate shopping for it. My budget is $30 plus tax so I’ll have 30 items plus whatever Mom has collected in the last few weeks.

Mom is sending me to Sephora to pick out my Christmas gift too. She knows better than to try to buy me makeup. I’m grateful for gifts but color matching is a thing and she is basically stuck with mascara and eyeshadow. She gave me an insane limit though. $100?! I’m not spending that much money on a Christmas gift from my Mom that I’m picking out! If it is still in stock, I’m going to pick up Sephora Collection Give Me Some Bold Lip set for $28. The Lashtash to Go set is sold out so I missed out on that one. 😦 Maybe I’ll get some new powder puffs or other tools while I’m there. I need to pitch all of my tools and start over in 2017.

I need to go to WalMart and pick up some food for a Christmas party tomorrow too. But I’m scared to death to go to that store today. WalMart a week before Christmas screams nightmare to me. We’ll see.

Wish me luck Puffins.


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